The War against Revisionism – Announcement by Vincent Reynouard


The war on revisionism and revisionists continuous and sees yet another two historians being thrown into the dungeons of the unholy Jewish inquisition. In times when it is no longer safe for women and the elderly to walk on the streets alone, a reasonable person would think that there are way more important things to do than to hunt down peaceful historians for expressing alternative views on history.

Announcement by Vincent Reynouard – June 20, 2008

On June 19, 2008, section 61 of the Brussels criminal court found Siegfried Verbeke and me guilty of “disputing crimes against humanity”, sentencing us to a year’s imprisonment and ordering us to pay 25,000 euros in fines, damages and various costs… Moreover, it ordered the immediate arrest of Siegfried Verbeke and perhaps of myself as well (a friend of ours who attended the hearing says no, but the press reports state the opposite and we haven’t been able to get an answer from the Clerk’s Office).

Unsurprisingly, the court had rejected all our arguments, notably the one invoking article 150 of the Belgian Constitution to request a trial in the Court of Assizes, thus before a jury.

It’s plain to see that in the last three years anti-revisionist oppression has greatly worsened. The times when revisionist activists received suspended sentences are over: today, apart from the huge fines, actual imprisonment is always decided. I think especially of Sylvia Stolz, Ernst Zündel and Germar Rudolf, heroic people now languishing in German jails.

I think also of Georges Theil in France, of Gaston-Armand Amaudruz, René-Louis Berclaz and Jürgen Graf for Switzerland.

Historical revisionism belongs to no-one. Its findings are the fruit of traditional methods of inquiry where scientific expertise assists in the appraisal of testimonies and in documentary research. They will be obvious to any honest individual, whether on the political left or right, believer or atheist…

But it goes without saying that its implications extend well beyond the historical scope of its outset. The stakes involved, gigantic ones, are political and even theological. If some refuse to see this – because of blindness, cowardice or mistaken strategy – , our adversaries, at their end, have understood quite well. They know that a sudden bursting through of the historical truth about the period 1914-1946 would call into question the world order founded at Nuremberg in 1945-1946.

This is why, in the face of people whom they constantly present as a small sect of cranks denying the obvious, they have special laws passed in Europe and resolutions adopted at the UN. The flagrant discrepancy between their contemptuous talk, on the one hand, and their actions, on the other hand, gives them the lie. To paraphrase the French wartime orator Philippe Henriot, I’ll say: “When a man can think of no other way but imprisonment to rid himself of a verbal opponent, it’s because he has no arguments. When a man is reduced to making up stupid lies, it’s because the truth is against him.”

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The pressure of the church against heretics was at its highest, its peak, shortly before they lost control over the thoughts of the people and the darkness was cast aside by the enlightenment. The increasingly Draconian punishment for the non-crime of expressing the wrong opinions some observers would interpret as increasingly desperate attempts to keep the wall from falling. The level of pressure usually increases accordingly to the level of desperation in such cases.

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