William Pierce on those that are of no use for us

Dr. William Pierce talking about those other movements and people that are of no use for our course. Pierce wanted intelligent, non-misfit, whites able to think and behave civilized, in his movement to represent our people. Neo-nazi thugs, tattooed redneck Klansman, Christian cultists, and other freaks and losers he considered to be good for nothings that are only harmful. It is a position, like many others, I agree on with Pierce. There is no price to be won for appearing and behaving less civilized than a Bushman right out of the jungle. Keep it civilized!

~ by metadave on June 26, 2008.

3 Responses to “William Pierce on those that are of no use for us”

  1. Die “Christian Cultics” sind “good for nothing”?
    Leute wie Eustace Mullins, Benjamin Freedman oder Nathanael Kapner, die sind alle für nichts gut ?!
    Du redest so eine Kacke das gibt es garnicht.
    Lass mal die Finger vom Pot vielleicht merkst du es dann selbst.

  2. People that believe that praying solves problems are GOOD FOR NOTHING! People that believe that they should present the other cheek when hit are GOOD FOR NOTHING! People that believe that the Jews are the gods chosen people and that we therefore should not oppose them are GOOD FOR NOTHING! People that believe that they should be humble servants and that some big daddy in heaven will make everything right are GOOD FOR NOTHING!

    Probleme werden gelöst durch Taten, nicht beten, und schon garnicht Demut! Stolz und Selbstvertrauen sind was ein Mann benötig um zu etwas nütze sein, Demut und Unterwürfigkeit was das Christentum predigt! Ein Mann der dem folgt ist in der Tat zu nichts zu gebrauchen was unsere Sache angeht. Demütige Opfermentalität führt zu einem Dasein als demütiges Opfer! Wenn es darum ginge Sklaven zu wällen die mir fortan zu dienen hätten, dann würde ich möglichst gläubige Christen wählen! “Fortan sollst dienen”

    Willliam Pierce “On Church-Goers” (Zuhörenswert)

    God and the State

  3. Aryan means noble, so we should always remember who we are in our thoughts and deeds.

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