Zimbabwe’s last white farmer forced to quit


“It’s just very disappointing,” said Mr van Rensburg, 37, who is married with two children. “I feel betrayed by the government. All we were doing was growing food for the country. We were not getting involved in politics or anything. What did we do?”

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The people in Zimbabwe are already starving than the blacks so far have not managed to produce food on the farms stolen from the whites and there is little to no hope that this will change in the future. Forcing the last productive farmer out is truly a great idea in this situation! A receipt for disaster, true black nation building! Rhodesia once was once one of the main food producer of Africa and produced food for the whole continent, Zimbabwe today can not even feed its own people!

Black empowerment^^

~ by metadave on July 1, 2008.

2 Responses to “Zimbabwe’s last white farmer forced to quit”

  1. The blacks would rather starve to death than have to go through the indignity of begging the whites to come back and look after them — The same way the press would rather pin all their hopes on a non-entity like Tsvangarai and the results of this election than actually admit that blacks are not fit to govern themselves.

  2. Many blacks, those with a little intelligence, actual would like to have the whites come back but it is the Marxist traitors who do not want that. Some of our old colonies in Africa for example wanted to have Germans come back to run those countries but our treacherous occupation regime has other plans and rather supports military dictatorships which allow the Jews to plunder those countries and their recourses. Black leadership is very convenient for them than those black dictators don’t give a shit about their people and only care about enriching themselves.

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