Arminius Poem


I, Arminius

In Rome I fell before the eagle’s feet,
and by my sword commander I became,
to lead thy Enemy to war and ravage
thy home, did my people I disclaim.

But when the battle swell to the banks of the Rhine,
My heart returned to the tribes beyond,
And I found reason to rally my brothers,
to arms against the eagle’s swine.

They call me Arminius in Rome,
And in Germania, Hermann the Great.

Over came Varus with three legions for war,
to the stretches near the Teutoburg Vald.
But the Cherusci, Sicambri and Bructeri did they meet,
and the Legions’ souls we sent below, to Pluto he is called.

Varus upon his own sword did he thrust, and died.

In the days to follow Germanicus pursued the tribes,
but as I, Hermann, would have it, he would be repelled.
And his Legions dealt death in the woods, and grass,
their blood like river torrents. Germania did we save,
And the Romans headed home in solemn mass.

In my days of last spent in this world did traitors within
my ranks sent me passage beyond the earth,
to Valhalla up high did I go, the brave mens’ domain.

And by Wotan’s side until the end of time, forever, I remain.

But my spirit lives on in the folk of Germania still.
Above the Teutoburg Vald in stone a monument they
did raise.

My sword held high in triumph, to the South I set my
warrior gaze.

~ by metadave on July 5, 2008.

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  1. Kewl 😉

  2. cigarette case Arminius Poem | Meta-Research

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