Voices on the HolocaustTM

A letter send to Register-Guard.Com:

Holocaust critics persecuted

In his rather hysterical June 20 letter, Bob Bussel decries any questioning of Holocaust history as a “profound act of intellectual fraud and moral bankruptcy,” a “loathsome and repugnant monstrosity.”

British writer George Orwell said that “who controls the past, controls the future,” and our perception of past events alsoshapes the way we look at the world around us today. The Zionists understand this, and know that the story of the Holocaust is crucial to their power.

This is why such harsh measures are being exacted against those who ask too many questions. The Holocaust history seems so shaky that governments have to actually imprison people who openly question it.

Today, it’s becoming more like the new state religion and, as in the Inquisition, people are being locked up again for questioning even the smallest detail of dogma — no matter what the evidence, no matter what the conflicting testimony or history. Anyone who breaches this faith will be deemed a “Holocaust denier,” and punished accordingly.

Therefore, as I see it, the “standard” version of the Holocaust history simply cannot be trusted as long as they’re jailing or otherwise punishing those who question it. To make jail sentences be your response to critics is exactly the same as getting up on a rooftop and shouting as loud as you can for all to hear: “I am lying!” Is anyone supposed to believe someone who, in effect, proclaims in this way that he’s lying?



~ by metadave on July 6, 2008.

4 Responses to “Voices on the HolocaustTM”

  1. Its those who don’t question anything that are suffering from an intellectual bankruptcy. They have been deceived by a moral fraud and the real repugnant monstrosity is the power, corruption and lies that have a hold on us.

  2. gut feeling, what if usa had known about them for a while, and cut the supply lines, forcing a starvation?

    i dunno just popped in my head, not saying its true, just a possiblity. was watching Band Of Brothers the other day. just a thought. with the lack of morals and all.. someone higher up could have had that in the plan of the big picture, while all the decent guys on the ground come up upon something horrible beyond what they could imagine….and they helped make it that way as well…but it wasnt in their field of view at the time.


    any concentration camp on any peice of land must be hell. thats all i know.

  3. “Bob Bussel decries any questioning of Holocaust history as a “profound act of intellectual fraud and moral bankruptcy,” a “loathsome and repugnant monstrosity.””

    Get a load of that sanctimonious oaf! Listen here, mister, the holocaust tale is a “loathsome and repugnant” lie, based on half-truths, mostly bogus and embellished, hell-bent-on-revenge “eye witness” accounts as well as vicious anti-German wartime propaganda invented and propagated by communist Jews, especially that of the head Red propagandist, Jew Ilya Ehrenburg.

    What an outrage, to arrest, try and imprison someone for questioning the many questionable ‘facts’ of the holocaust tale in those countries in Europe that have these ‘laws’ on the books thanks to Jewish pressure and/or payola. You can deny the existence of God all you want and nobody will even blink, and most certainly, never place you under arrest and try you in a court of law!

    The purpose of these “Jew laws” is to stifle inquiry, research and silence debate surrounding the very questionable particulars of this way too overblown and way too over-dramatized ‘event.’ I for one and sick and tired of f*cking hearing about it!!

    No mention whatsoever is ever given of the sixty-six million ethnic Russians, Ukrainians and other Slavs murdered, starved to death, or worked to death in Siberian gulags. Who is responsible for this? The very Jewish leadership and very Jewish secret police (Cheka, NKVD) of the entirely Jewish-financied and Jewish-created Soviet tyranny!

  4. Indeed, the “holocaust” has been turned into a dogmatic reliegion. The only
    minor detail, which should be added is that the self-promoted high priest of this
    religion has been outed as swindler by a fellow Auschwitz inmate, who says
    this is not the Ellie Wiesel he has known in Auschwitz!

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