Surveillance doesn’t prevent criminal activity

a new study by University of Southern California researchers, released by the California Bureau of Research, looks into the effect of video cameras in the city of Los Angeles.

The study focuses on cameras in two neighborhoods: at Hollywood and Vine, and at the Jordan Downs housing project in Watts.

The research found no significant correlation between crime rates and the cameras. As an ACLU analysis of the report explains, “In Hollywood, violent crime decreased less in target areas with cameras than in the surrounding areas … . Property crimes in Hollywood decreased slightly more in the camera area (17.8 percent to 16.4 percent), although rates of vandalism and auto theft fared worse than in control areas.” Equally insignificant disparities were found in the Watts housing project.

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The real question is, was it ever meant to reduce crime rates? In the times we live in it is all about control, control for the mere sake of control is reason enough for he Orwellian controller to expand their Orwellian surveillance society, till their is no place left not under surveillance.

~ by metadave on July 7, 2008.

One Response to “Surveillance doesn’t prevent criminal activity”

  1. All those entry points for illegals entering our countries certainly seem to be unmonitored. We couldn’t have images of millions streaming in to destroy a White country being shown on TV, there might be a revolution, or at least a massive shift to the far right.

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