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“What then is the fruit of these opinions? It is that which ought to he the most noble and the most becoming to those who are really educated, release from perturbation, release from fear, freedom. For in these matters we must not believe the many, who say that free persons only ought to be educated, but we should rather believe the philosophers, who say that the educated only are free.” — Epictetus, The Discourses (55-135a.d.)

Socialism, Communism, Nazism, Capitalism, and the European Union (Video+Text 285.92 MB)

Documentary which explains why Nazism was Socialism and why Socialism is totalitarian and how those things are connected to Capitalism and Orwellian super states like the European Union.


– Socialism, Communism, Nazism, Capitalism, and the European Union (Video)
– Proudhon – 1840 – What is Property? (Text)



Is the EU the new Soviet Union? (Video 32MB)


EU a democracy? Listen to Vladimir Bukovsky who spent many years in Russian labour camps and psychiatric prisons for defending human rights. He lectures and writes on the old Soviet system and the EU.



Aspartame – The Great Dumbing Down (Video+Text 68MB)


What have aspartame, compulsory schooling, toxic vaccines, fluoridation, watching TV, and multiculturalism all have in common? Dr. Russell Blaylock accuses Industry and Government of dumbing down society with Chemical Toxins.


– Aspartame – The Great Dumbing Down (Video)
– Aspartame – Ecologist (Text)



Slavery – You think that you are free? (Video+Text 44MB)


Most people think of slavery as something humans force upon each other, something based on chains, cages and such things. Many are not even aware that there are many different kinds of slavery and that most of them are not based on what humans do to others but our weakness of mind.


– Slavery – You think that you are free? (Video)
– Epictetus – Enchiridion (Text)
– Epictetus – The Discourses (Text)
– Epictetus – The Golden Sayings of Epictetus (Text)
– Kant – 1784 – What is Enlightenment? (Text)



Plato – One of the Greatest Teacher in History (Video+Text 29MB)


Plato among the Greeks was the first who conceived a method of knowledge, although neither of them always distinguished the bare outline or form from the substance of truth. He was the greatest metaphysical genius whom the world has seen; and in him, more than in any other ancient thinker, the germs of future knowledge are contained. The sciences of logic and psychology, which have supplied so many instruments of thought to after-ages, are based upon the analyzes of Socrates and Plato. Plato’s example of the cave was probably the first inquiry ever into the possible effects of television, the illusion of reality, on the minds of man.


– Plato on Democracy
– Plato on Oligarchy
– Plato on Tyranny
– The Cave
– Most (all?) of Plato’s works (Text)

Watch (The cave)


Aristotle – The father of modern scientific thought (Video+Text 7MB)


Even thought I do not agree in all areas with Aristotle, he was definitely one of the greatest metaphysical minds the world has seen.


– 1 short video on Justice
– Aristotle – Metaphysics (Text)
– Aristotle – Nicomachean Ethics (Text)
– Aristotle – On Interpretation (Text)
– Aristotle – On Sleep & Sleeplessness (Text)
– Aristotle – On Youth and Old Age, On Life and Death, On Breathing (Text)
– Aristotle – Poetics (Text)
– Aristotle – Politics (Text)
– Aristotle – Rhetoric (Text)
– Aristotle – The Athenian Constitution (Text)

Watch (On Justice)


You Mind is Controlled (Videos+Text 159MB)


Collection of short videos, books, essay,s, and short stories, on the subject of mind control and related topics like compulsory schooling, the human mind, freedom, enlightenment, propaganda, censorship, tyranny, and human domestication.



MIND CONTROL (Videos+Text 218MB)


Mind control is probably THE issue of the century! Do you believe it is by accident that the population has become a mass of lobotomized zombies focused on trivialities, lemmings totally apathic when it comes to anything that is important? To put it simple, in case that you neither have spent your life in some remote location without media access, nor know anything about mind control and related topics, than your mind is controlled! Its as simply as that!

Collection of short videos, books, essays, and short stories, on the subject of mind control and related topics like compulsory schooling, the human mind, freedom, propaganda, censorship, and human domestication.


– Charlotte Iserbyt – Deliberate Dumbing Down of the World (Video clip)
– John Taylor Gatto – State Controlled Consciousness (Video clip)
– Mind control – Your thoughts are not your own (Video clip)
– Plato’s Cave (Video clip)
– TV Mind Control (Video clip)
– Your Mind is Controlled (Video clip)
– Yuri Bezmenov – The KGB and the brain washing of the West (Video clip)
– Various books and articles on the subject of mind control


END OF FREEDOM – Lisbon Treaty (Videos+Text 680MB)


Collected information on the European Union and related topics.

They know that the people don’t want the constitution and that’s why they don’t ask us in form of a referendum. It’s quite simple, the only way to get that totalitarian constitution threw is by not letting the people vote on it! Can you smell the spirit of freedom and democracy in this infamous act? The Future of Europe can be different than the centralized monolith which the EU Constitution creates.


– Wise Up Journal ╗ END OF NATIONS – EU Takeover – the Lisbon Treaty (MOVIE)
– Video clips on the Lisbon Treaty (EU Constitution2.0)
– The Rise of the Rothschild’s and Communism
– North Korea – A View in the Socialistic Future of Europe?
– Sounds of the EU (Anthem and related)
– Interview, speech, and video clip of the Soviet Dissident Vladimir Bukovsky
– Documentation on why communism does not work
– Sheep on their way to the gulag
– Related books and essay’s on communism and the EU
– Documentation on the ideology behind the EU
– Documentation concerning the difference between democracy and tyranny (political science)
– Yuri Bezmenov – The KGB and the brain washing of the West (Video clip)
– Communist Rules for evolution



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