Social Psychology, Religious Belief, Censorship and the Holocaust

An interesting inquiry into the HolocaustTM from a different non-historical perspective. Especially the thesis that the HolocaustTM has become a religion, “Holocaustianity”, and that the active promotion of the HolocaustTM believes by governments and government agencies therefore violates the principle of the separation of church and state is very interesting.

In the American Humanist magazine Free Inquiry, its Editor, Professor Paul Kurtz, wrote ‘We can take nothing for granted: some relatively unknown religious ideology may again sweep the world’ (Kurtz, 1994). From a rationalist perspective the disadvantage of religion is that it is capable of facilitating radical social changes which may be undesired. If a religion were to be unrecognized as such it could avoid the modern policy of separating Church and State.

The theme of this review is that a new religion has indeed become established. In what may, to future generations, be a remarkable exemplification of ambivalence, the new creed has been adopted and is being promoted by leading Humanists. Humanist publications seek to rationalize and debunk claims of supernatural forces, UFO phenomena and pseudoscience, but in this study the processes which are cited as the origin of such claims are applied to Humanists themselves. ‘We can sometimes see the error or foolishness in other people’s beliefs. It is very difficult to see the same in our own’ wrote one contributor to Free Inquiry’s sister magazine, Skeptical Inquirer (Alcock, 1995).

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