German Contributions – Things you probably don’t know


An article I found and wanted to share to spread a little truth against all those lies a certain very hateful and envious minority brainwashes the people in the world with using their monopoly on media and schooling. Don’t feel ashamed if you did not know most of those things, to be honest, I did not count, but I doubt that I did know more than maybe 10-15% of those things either even thought I’m a German and considerably more educated and intelligent than the average. Please note that I removed parts concerning alternative views on certain events in history because otherwise here in occupied Absurdistan, the reductio ad absurdum of Germany, I could get up to 5 years in a dungeon of the unholy Jewish inquisition for thought crimes which I’m not really interested in for understandable reasons. You may deny that the earth is flat, but you shall not deny the holocaust!


Print this if you you are serious about learning some things! It’s far longer then initially intended and to read it in its entirety sitting in front of a computer screen is not recommended. It would be too tiresome. It’s not only about German contributions to the world at large, it’s also about the present-day annihilation of the German people as such, about the incessant vilification and character assasination which takes place in the world. I have tried to point some of it out, only being able to scratch the surface. The ‘Hate-everything German’ is so all-inclusive as to be mind-numbing and quite frankly is comprehensible only when understanding the Jewish hate which has poisoned the minds of man for centuries. This horrible, irrational hatred is directed against all peoples of German blood, whether they be Germans, or Scandinavians, or ethnic Germans living the world over. This is so grotesquely successful that ethnic Germans world-wide are literally afraid to defend their good name.

· The real horror is, a person cannot tell the truth without being howled down as a “Hater”, but the true haters are hailed as paragons of virtue!

(alternative views removed)

. Therefore all we can do is, to record things for posterity in hopes, that in the future new generations will want to read what really was, what really happened and what was done in the 20th. and 21st. Centuries, namely the annihilation of the most virile and creative civilization the world has seen in centuries, the German civilization. And hopefully those young men and women will draw the proper conclusions.

Should you find an inaccuracy, I invite you to let me know. Please let me know in a polite manner and a correction will be made after I have verified my statements to have been incorrect. If I make an incorrect claim herein, it is not done with malice aforethought, but rather it is an honest error, no more, no less. If you think I am an anti-semite, well, I am anti-lies, anti-dishonesty and pro-truth and most of all, pro-German. If that makes me anti-semitic, so be it.

German accomplishments encompass the entire spectrum of human experience. There doesn’t exist a discipline in which Germans have not had a major role during the past two centuries. As a matter of fact, in most disciplines Germans have had leading roles. A small example; it was the French who invented the motion picture, but the Germans who perfected motion picture techniques, lenses, equipment, and finally the very stuff on which motion pictures are printed – film. No-one came even close to Agfa in the development of film. So, even things which the Germans did not invent, they improved immeasurably.

The ironic thing is, this is the problem., is the reason why we are incessantly vilified. German accomplishments literally dwarf those of other nations and cause acute jealousy resulting in murderous anti-German rage, a rage skillfully stoked by world Jewry. This has resulted in both world wars and the present utter destruction of the German spirit, German culture, German pride, German awareness of their own greatness and a never-ending instillation of guilt in the population, resulting in the uniqueness of ‘National Masochism’. To make matters even worse, the guilt instilled in the average German via the never-ending Holocaust accusations is unfounded under examination. This evil has been so skillfully orchestrated, that neither the vast majority of Germans, nor the rest of the world recognizes what is happening.

The will and the spirit of the Germans made them the creative force they were. The present-day horror of the totally broken spirit of the German people came home to me when I read an interview with the German (?) Minister of Culture in the Los Angeles Times about three years ago. In it, the interviewer asked this man: “Whatever happened to the German spirit?” and the German (?) Minister of Culture replied: “What spirit?” and then laughingly, “Who needs it?” I almost vomitted. The present-day, ongoing wholesale destruction of Germany becomes apparent when considering only a few facts. Remember, this is only the tip of the iceberg. An in-depth study of this purely Jew-created annihilation (see the Morgenthau, Lindemann, Kaufmann plans) of my nation would require an entire encyclopedia. To those who say: “But it wouldn’t have been possible without the aquiesence of none-Jews, including many Germans”, I sadly reply: “I am well aware of this and I am well aware of the horrible truth that the German nation has probably produced more traitorous scum than any other”. However, had the Jews not started it, it would never have happened and that’s the point!

Consider the following:

Even though German is the most spoken language in Europe, at the European Union Headquarters in Brussels, English is being used as the official language, with French bringing up the rear. German hardly counts. To make matters worse, England neither is, nor has ever been a part of Europe, other than geographically. To this day, England does precisely as the USA and Israel (both anti-European powers) dictate. England is no more than the fifth column which refuses to act in the interests of Europe. England has traditionally undermined every effort at peace and stability within the European sphere and together with the Jews has been the instigator of almost every major conflict on the continent. This dismal record goes back centuries. When I say ‘England’, I don’t mean the average bloke on the street. Years ago I met and worked with a great guy from Newcastle and we couldn’t have gotten along better. No, I mean the English power-elite, an elite which has been totally corrupted for centuries.

Germany contributes 31% of all finances to the European Union. This means, Germany finances Portugal, Spain, subsidizes England (!), takes a back seat to France and will finance every eastern block country which has recently joined the Union, but practically has no more say in European affairs than let’s say inconsequential Portugal! This translates into a gigantic theft of German property, creative energy, work ethics and German money. A monumental, never-ending rape of the most productive nation in Europe and possibly the world. The incredible thing here is, that everyone in power understands this perfectly well, including the present-day cowards in Berlin, who should all, without exception be hung for high treason. The utter absurdity of the situation should be obvious to anyone with even a single digit IQ. The gross dishonesty and immorality of this should be obvious to any human being. The absolute lack of democratic principles in this sytem is also blatantly apparent. But you see, when it comes to Germany, the rest of the world can freely abuse, lie, cheat, steal, rape and plunder without fear, particulalry as long as the ‘freely elected’ (pardon while I puke) German government is in the pockets of foreign powers, namely the USA and Israel while forever ‘Let’s-destroy-Germany’ England brings up the rear.

In American universities Germany is essentially treated as if it didn’t exist. I recently met a young man who had a BA degree in German History from the university of El Paso Texas. He complained to me, that he had been unable to obtain a map of Germany as it was around 1900, that he had been practically unable to learn anything about Silesia, Pommerania, the Sudetenland, Transylvania or Prussia – this in a college HISTORY class! This young man had studied German history, practically without having learned anything. Another young man told me, that the only thing he had learned about Germany was the Holocaust and oh yes, they did mention Dr. Robert Koch! This young man however was a thinker and had realized something was very wrong. University students not only learn nothing about Germany, what is far worse, they are being inundated with falsehoods, with unmitigated lies, presented in an academic setting, which lends credence to these lies.

The truth is, during the years 1870 to 1945, international students flocked to German universities. If one wanted to study serious music one went to Berlin. New York and all the rest were second choice, including the very fine conservatory in St.Petersburg. To be accepted to a German university in ANY discipline was like hitting the Jack-Pot. Want to study chemistry? Well, Germany of course. Want to study medicine? Well, Germany if you can pass the entrance exam, of course, etc., etc., ad infinitum.

Toward the end of the 19th. century Chile imported 3000 German teachers. The result was the best educated population in South America. They didn’t import English or French teachers. They didn’t import Spanish teachers, even though belonging to the Spanish sphere of influence. They imported GERMAN teachers, even though they had to teach them Spanish first, at their expense, while paying them a good wage and all costs! Why? Because the German system of education was acknowledged word-wide to be by far the best. This system was scrapped in Chile in the early 1960′ to the detriment of the Chilean population which ‘boasts’ American inner-cities standards these days. Today, German universities have been reduced to recruiting third world students in order to have an internationally diverse student population. This of course lowers the heretofore high standards. It is a demonstrable truth that diversity in the school-room spells disaster and represents a dismal educational failure. In todays American inner-cities schools, teachers do not dare to teach for fear of being attacked as ‘racists’ when grading any exams. Therefore no exams, no gradings, no teaching, nothing. Entire ‘diverse’ American generations are graduated from ‘High (!) Schools’ without being able to read or write!

Ask an American High School student about Heidelberg or Tuebingen, or Humboldt University or outstanding Hindemith Conservatory as an alternative to Julliards and you’ll get a blank stare and yet, these are all schools on the highest conceivable international level, a level they achieved before Berkeley et al even existed, a level created by the German educational system long ago!

In the travel sections of major American newspapers, every country on earth is being mentioned as a worthy travel destination, but Germany doesn’t even appear as a minor attraction. The only tourists who visit Germany are people whose forebears are German. This is clearly orchestrated nation-annihilation. Germany, even in its present-day shrunken state, features some of the most spectacular scenery, cities and cultural attractions in the world. Aside from that, Germany, right now, is home to the most gigantic Boat Show in the world (in Duesseldorf), the most massive Automobile and Transportaion show (Frankfurt a.M.), the most important computer show in the world (Hannover), as a matter of fact, essentially the most important trade fairs in all industrial and cultural disciplines. Yet, opening the travel section of any of Americas major newspapers, one gets the impression Sri Lanka and its homosexual paedophile tourism is far more important than Germany which posesses unmatched cultural, industrial and scenic attractions even in its geographically reduced present-day state. Chile, a traditionally pro-German country which owes a considerable debt to its German immigrants promotes tourism to Australia, Cancun, Cuba, Florida, Paris, Madrid, London, but Germany? Of course not. Never mind the only notable thing the English ever did for Chile was to murder 3000 Chilean miners in 1905. Their crime? Protests against the inhumane living and working conditions in the English owned copper mines of the times. Australia doesn’t even know Chile exists, Paris couldn’t care less, Cuba expropriated Chilean goods while Allende was in power, Florida is Cuban (or Yiddish) and couldn’t care less, Cancun is purely touristy and has no connection to anyone enywhere. So we are left with Madrid, which shares a cultural history. Wow! – at least they’ve got ONE right. Not that the average Chilean would know. They are kept just as stupid as the rest of the world.

The American “Armored Vehicle Museum” in Texas featured as the most revolutionary tank of all time, the German King Tiger of WW2. A few years ago this museum got a new director. As his first official act he, a Jew, removed the King Tiger tank exhibit. The location of this magnificent tank is today unknown. Thereby this Jew did what Jews do best, to lie about history and to lie about Germany. Did the German consul object? Of course not. Should a German politician actually tell the truth, he is ostraziced at best, or murdered at worst, as it apparently happened recently with the German FDP-politician Moellemann. His death looks like the professional work of Mossad dutifully covered up by the cowardly slime-sucking German authorities.

The NASA space museum in Washington D.C. looks as if space exploration developed without the Germans. This is a bald-faced lie. Space exploration would never have happened had it not been for the German scientists who were instructed by President Kennedy to put a man on the moon, back in 1962. One can say without fear of contradiction, that the original NASA was as German as Beck’s Beer. When the Russians put ‘Sputnik’ in orbit back in the middle fifties ahead of the Americans, famed American comedian Bob Hope joked on his syndicated TV show: “That the Russians got there first means, the Russians have better German scientists than we have!” The audience exploded in laughter. You see, back in the middle fifties Americans weren’t kept stupid by Jew-owned MTV, CNN or Fox News, much less were they brain-deaded by Jews like Steven Spielberg, he of “Swindler’s List” fame. Americans actually knew things. The new Jewish museum director removed all traces of Wernher von Braun and his famous team after taking over as the new chief. Did the German consul object? Heavens no! He was probably too busy apologizing for holocaustian wrongs alledgedly committed. To represent the interests of Germany, at whose expense he lives on an obscene comfort level is something utterly alien to such a corrupt sub-creature.

There’s another museum in Washington D.C. in which the airplane is being honored. One of the major exhibits here used to be the first operational Jet Fighter in the world, the Messerschmidt Me-262. This aircraft was unequalled at the time of its conception. German jet-aircraft development and patents form the basis for all jet planes thereafter. All. No exceptions.

Yet, the Me-262 is strangely absent from this museum today, having been replaced by a mock-up, a fictitious creation which never flew and never could. This bad joke was created by order of the new director (a Jew of course) of the museum who decided to falsify history once again, at the expense of the possibly most creative people the earth has seen in the last 200 years, the Germans. Since Americans have been kept incredibly ignorant as a general rule, the average guy walking into the museum will never know the difference. This couldn’t have happened in the 50’s, because the average American had at least heard of the German jet airplane designs of WW2, designs which frequently were only in the planning stages, but not only feasable and do-able, but would have reached maturity had it not been so late in the game.

Today in Germany it is common to speak “Engleutsch”, a combination of English and German (Deutsch). Even people of high education succumb to this linguistic perversion. Of course “High education” today merely means that one has obtained a doctorate in a specialty. It DOES NOT mean he/she is cultured! And therein lies the rub. Under the traditional German system of education, you had to be CULTURED to be considered educated. A high degree of culture is an absolute necessity for being educated, because without it, one is merely a technocrat, a ‘specialist’ who knows a lot about ONE subjects but is probably abjectly ignorant about everything else. There is nothing wrong with using foreign words if your language lacks the equivallent. E.g., in German there is no word for ‘sophisticated’, so go ahead and use the English word. It used to be, that in the English speaking world ‘Rucksack’ (today backpack), ‘Wunderkind’, ‘Weltschmerz’ and a plethora of other German words were used regularly. But whereas the English world has intentionally eliminated German words, the German speaking world has not only embraced every absurdity babbled on TV, but they have actually invented an English word! That’s right! Germans invented the noun ‘Handy’, which means cellular phone. I have actually heard a ‘German’ reporter talking about a ‘Wunder Kid’, when talking about some 3-year old who played the violin or something. This is sick. This is taking an internationally used German word and anglicizing it by force without the slightest justification.

After WW2 we Germans through incredibly hard work under the most trying circumstances rebuilt our industries as far as the new world order permitted us to do so.

This is to say, we were e.g. prohibited from building air-planes , despite the fact that German air-craft designers had been world-leading in every field of aeronautics. We had, amongst many, Heinkel, Messerschmidt, Junkers, Arado, Fieseler, Horton, designers and companies which to the very last one were leading in their fields. Today – not a single German airplane exists. This is a subject which requires an entire book and much research.

One industry finally permitted us was the motorcycle industry. Sure enough within 5 years we were leading the world in design, research, production, quality, reliability and international Formula One racing success! Our motorcycles were the envy of the world. We had about 38 (thirtyeight!!) manufacturers of which not a single one built inferior bikes, on the contrary. At the same time, Japan didn’t even know what a motorcycle looked like (Lighten up, I am making a valid point here, that’s all). Suddenly, the entire German motorcycle industry went bust. ALL OF THEM, while concurrently the Japanese entered the world markets with a vengeance, totally overwhelming the world with cheap (sorry, but that’s what they they were initially), copies of German bikes. The whole bunch of them, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha ad nauseum are based on stolen German technology and patents. No exceptions. This happened in the 1960’s. The Law Of Averages will tell you, that this kind of thing is an impossibility. This didn’t happen by itself. This didn’t happen because of executive inability, because of a saturated market (as we have been told), because of Japanese superiority, not that anyone ever has had the temerity to suggest such an absurdity. This happened because of dark forces behind the scenes pulling the strings. I have no idea who did what. I have no proof of anyones perfidy. But I know what happened and I know that it is impossible for such a thing to happen in the normal course of events. If out of 38 companies, 5 go broke, ok. Even 10, I still won’t wonder too much, even though this is stretching it a lot! But all?? And almost practically all of them demonstrably world-leading in every aspect?? Any gaming official in Las Vegas will tell you such coincidences simply don’t happen. Please spare me the lectures on how the British disappeared as well. They did because they built bikes with ancient-age technology for the most part, and all of them were oil-dripping monstrosities which failed to start in the mornings, due to their horrible Lucas-electronics. No, no, they deserved to disappear. You produce junk, you don’t deserve a place in the sun. Simple. The German motorcycle industry on the other hand was killed with malice aforethought, there can be no doubt. The same sad tale applies to the optical and home-electronics industries in Germany. These stories require a doctoral thesis and maybe one day a bright young man or woman will write it. One such thesis was written about the death of one of Germany’s giants, the Borgward automotive group. Who was the guilty party? Well, Mercedes-Benz wanted to get rid of a competitor and the city of Bremen was blind enough (Was the Senate of Bremen bribed by Mercedes? It surely looks like it.) to assist Borgward, a fine manufacturer who decidely deserved to survive. Just another sickening example of Germans destroying Germans.

No wonder the world laughs at us. The fact is, present-day Germany is morally bankrupt and posesses a diseased soul. Germans are the only people in world history who are actively engaged in destroying themselves, in assisting their deadliest enemies while hunting down and mercilessly destroying those who try to unshackle them, to set them free with the truth. It will no doubt be a German who’ll be the first to object to this article, who will talk about ‘extremism’, Nazi, etc.etc. Yes indeed, my people are sick as hell and it will require a gigantic upheaval for them to regain their health. But boy o boy, when the truth finally gains the upper hand, it’ll be one hell of an example of “Furor Teutonicus”, I guarantee it.

Let’s start with some of the things we Germans have enriched the world with:

1) In the USA we have incessant TV commercials portraying the ubiquitous Italian ‘Mama Mia’, ever present with her pasta and her ‘secret’ sauce, not to forget her wonderful family, smiling and incessantly singing ‘O sole mio’. There are innumerable Italian restaurants (with illegal Mexican cooks), all serving the same tired version of the same dish, but with their ‘own’secret sauce!’ The truth is, the ‘secret’ sauce is scooped right out of a can of Mexican tomato paste which has been improved with ketchup, an invention by German immigrant Heinz, of ‘Heinz 57 Varieties’ fame. Can you imagine American cooking without Heinz ketchup?

2) There is the noisy Irish pub and the lady proclaiming to be so happy to know where her mother came from. During these soulful, sensitive proclamations the ever present band plays ‘Oh Danny Boy’, until one gets sick of it. Never mind in real life no pub on earth can afford a band. Everyone is dancing and happily drinking whiskey which is being chased with a pint of ale. All of this to the strains of ‘When Irish Eyes are smiling. How sweet.

3) Then we have the Mexican guy in his absurdly oversized hat making his appearance hawking Tacos and Burritos as if these things were what culinary dreams are made of.

4) The Jewish controlled media inundates us with cynical lies regarding every field of human endeavor. For example we are told of the existence of ‘Peruvian Cuisine’, which consists of insanely hot and over-spiced barbecued chicken. Than we have ‘Honduran Cuisine’ or ‘Nicaraguan Cuisine’ which consist of, you guessed it, barbecued chicken. Than we have ‘Ethiopian Cuisine’. Seriously. In the Fairfax district of Los Angeles, one can visit Ethiopian restaurants, if one can get past the belligerent stares of the uninviting crowds that hover in front. It also behooves one to have a very strong stomach. The fact that people in Africa, all over Africa, have never even developed the ability to dig for water, much less anything else is irrelevant to the politically correct since such observations are clearly racist, Well, anything true and factual about blacks is inherently racist! What their ‘cuisine’ is supposed to consist of, heavens only knows. I suppose it must be an ad hoc mush of UN food-aid supplies paid for by stupid whites who insist on feeding those who in turn insist on destroying them. The truth is, no one in black Africa has ever been able to feed himself. So how on earth they could possibly develop a ‘cuisine’ remains a mystery.

5) We must not forget ‘Soul Food’, which consists of barbecued chicken once again and watermelons, not to forget black-eyed peas and pork ribs, none of which have their origin with blacks, but are purely culinary creations of whites in the once proud American South.

6) Than we have the same people telling us about the wonders of the Sushi Bar, raw fish as served in Japan. Frankly I think it’s abominable, but if you like it, so be it. What bothers me here is, that the same people arrogantly dismiss smoked Herring, German pickles, Sauerkraut and anything else that is German, no matter how delicious. When it comes to a Jewish Delicatessen, all those German dishes are voodoo-ed by some rabbi and, voila! It’s delicious JEWISH food. Gosh, how does that work folks? It requires a rabbi to convert Sauerkraut from being officially despised to being officially praised? As far as Japanese ‘cuisine’ is concerned, when studying Japanese culture, one finds that a Japanese kitchen consisted of an open fire and one or two pots. Literally! Visit the traditional Japanese house in the park adjacent to the Huntington Library in San Marino, Ca. and see for yourselves! This was so until after WW2, when the Americans introduced western style kitchens and their appliances. I venture to say, it is an impossiblity to develop a ‘cuisine’ with an open fire and a pot. The delicious ‘Teriyaki’ steak is Californian and has very little to do with traditional Japan.

Incidentally, we owe a debt of gratitude to the Italian explorer, the magnificent Marco Polo, who brought Sauerkraut, not to forget Mama Mia’s pasta from China.

Sauerkraut saved the teeth of countless German sailors, while their British counterparts were suffering horrendously due to the lack of Vitamin C in their diet aboard British ships, which, as we all know, ruled the waves. That’s ‘ruled’, as in past tense.

7) And then there’s the Jewish Deli that serves up really good food, but no one tells you, it’s practically all German. That delicious ‘Jewish Rye’? Well, that’s as German as my grandmothers cousin. They bake it and than some Rabbi shows up and performs his Voodoo and voila! it’s Jewish! Neat trick, ain’t it? Incidentally, the best German bread in Los Angeles can be bought at ‘Nate & Al’s Deli in Berverly Hills.

Where in hell are the Germans? The nation that has indisputably contributed more to theUSA than any other, including food?

Where is the German Hausfrau with her secret recipe?

Did you know that your “Hot Dog” comes from Germany?

Did you know that your “Hamburger” comes from Germany?

Did you know that your all-American “Apple Pie” comes from Germany?

Did you know that your beer brewing industry was founded exclusively by Germans? Miller, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Strohs, Hamms, Budweiser, Henry Weinhardt’s, Coors, Michelob, Lowenbrau, you name it – all German in origin. The beer brewing industry in Nicaragua is purely German, as is the one in Chile. The best Mexican beer, ‘Bohemia’ is German lager and the best beer in New Zealand ‘Steinlager’ is as German as a Porsche. Incidentally, don’t fall for the ‘Corona’ hoax. It’s not even beer in the strict sense of the word. It’s made of rice!, a no-no. Aside from that it lacks any real taste. That cute slice of lime at the top of the bottle? Well, that’s the creation of an unknowm Californian bar-keep who decided to spice up this decidedly ‘un’-spicey beverage.

Did you know that German beer is brewed according to an ancient (350 years old) law, which puts it on par with milk as a food? This law prescribes absolute purity with no chemicals (or rice) allowed. When chemically analyzing German beer, one finds it has virtually the same food value as rye-bread.

Did you know that your dairy industry was founded exclusively by Germans? Not only the American, but that of many other countries as well, such as Chile for example.

Did you know that Ocar Meyer of meat-packing fame, was German? The finest meat-packing companies in South America are those from the South of Chile, purely of German origin, going back 150 years!

Did you know that the greatest American car ever built, the mighty Duesenberg was designed & built by a German? Go to the Imperial Hotel Auto Museum in Las Vegas Nevada to see the greatest collection of Duesenbergs on the planet.

Did you know that the most famous Japanese car ever built, the Datsun 240 Z was designed by Albrecht Goertz, a German designer?

Did you know that the most revolutionary Japanese motorcycle of all time, the Suzuki Katana of 1980, was designed by a design studio in Germany?

Did you know that Porsche Design redesigned & thereby saved your American icon, the Harley-Davidson? Harley on their own was going broke. After the Porsche re-work it has become one of the most recognized names in the motorcycle world. By all rights, todays Harleys ought to be known as Porsche/Harleys. The initial re-design wasn’t the end of it. All subsequent models have been designed mostly by Porsche.

Did you know that the entirety of NASA was founded by German engineers and is based on German technology? That the moon rocket of 1969 was a grandson of the famed V2 rocket of Germany? That all space exploration is based on the German model? One hears TV reporters waxing eloquently about the now defunct Russian MIR space station, while assiduously ignoring that it’s based on German technology and that the German engineers who were kidnapped by the Russians were worked to death. None of them ever saw their families again. Mustn’t embarass our former allies now, must we? But abusing the Germans is a safe bet.

Did you know that the food company “Kraft” was founded by a German? Can you imagine an American kitchen without Kraft Macaroni & Cheese?

Did you know that one of the most popular sausages is “Braunschweiger” so named because it comes from that German city?

Did you know that Germany has almost as many different sorts of cheeses as France , which reportedly has around 300? Many of the German varieties are French or Italian in origin.

Did you know that we Germans have over 225 different kinds of bread? Did you know that the majority of German bread has extremely high food value, unlike (delicious) Italian or French breads which are made of bleached flour lacking almost all food-value?

Did you know that a large number of the Italian winter-sports stars come from Tyrolia, speak German as their first language, and consider themselves to be German?

Did you know that Germany has been robbed of about 45% of its territories, including some of the most spectacularly beautiful cities in the world, during the past century?

Did you know that after WW2 alone about 5 million German civilians were murdered by the Poles, the Czechs, the Russians, the Serbs, the Croatians, the Jews and the Slovenians without a single person ever even having been indicted?

Did you know that there were dozens of concentration camps in Poland after WW2, all administered and run by Jews who murdered without restraints?

Did you know that Hungary was ruled by a Jewish junta after WW1 headed by a murderer named Bela Kuhn (Cohen), whose specialty it was to ram a ruler down the throats of those who didn’t agree with him?, who flayed (skinned alive) dozens of political ‘enemies’? Just a little tidbit of Jewish history here – sorry, couldn’t resist!

Did you know that Poland attempted to have one concentration camp commander, known to have been a mass murderer, extradited from Israel, but that Israeli authorities adamantly refused?

Did you know that after the war, about one million German soldiers were murdered by the Americans under the direction of Dwight Eisenhower via starvation, unchecked diseases, lack of shelter and neglect, while Europe at large was awash in food and medical supplies?

Did you know that under British occupation, the infant mortality rate in German cities after WW2 was upward of 20% and that Germans were ‘fed’ as little as 400 calories per day? And that it requires about 1250 calories a day to stay alive?

Did you know that the most famous bowling balls and equipment, Brunswick, are of German origin and that ‘Brunswick’ is the English name for ‘Braunschweig’?

Did you know that the popular sport of bowling has its origins in Germany?

Did you know that Aerobics were developed by a German doctor, specializing in physical therapy during the 1920’s? That it was originally called “Zandern”, after its developer, Dr. Zander?

Did you know that ketchup was invented by “Heinz-Foods”, a company founded by a German?

Can you imagine having your “Burger” without ketchup?

Did you know that Heinz donated millions-upon-millions of Dollars to the war effort in 1942, to show their allegiance to the US?

Did you know that George Washington’s army was drilled and instructed in how to fight by General von Steuben, a Prussian (German)? Do you realize General von Steuben did more than any other foreigner or most Americans for that matter, for the freedom you now enjoy?

Did you know that a painting of famed German SS-general Steiner is displayed as an example of what a soldier is supposed to look like at the American Military Academy in Westpoint?

Did you know that Generals Pershing, Custer and Schwartzkopf, were (are) Germans?

Did you know that Admiral Nimitz was of German ethnicity (and proud of it)?

Did you know that WW1 American air ace General Rickenbacker, was German?

Did you know that WW2 American air ace, General Chuck Yeager was German?

Did you know that the tactics of the German Waffen-SS are being taught today at every military academy in the world?

Did you know that tank-tactics developed by Fieldmarschalls Rommel and Guderian (seperately!) are being taught today at all the military academies of the world?

Did you know that the Chilean military today is patterened precisely after the German military of WW2 and that this is one of the reasons noone in South America dares touch that little country?

Did you know that famed American aviatrix Emilia Earhardt was German?

Did you know that it was the German immigrant community which to the last man volunteered to fight for the Union during the American civil war?

Did you know that neither the Italians, nor the Irish, nor the English nor any other ethnic group volunteered en masse?

We, the GERMANS did! We VOLUNTEERED for the US.

Your ‘friends’ the Jews ran like the slimey cowards they are and subsequently sold supplies to the Union and Rebel armies, making millions of the misery of war.

WE GERMANS however were loyal, honest and brave AMERICAN citizens.

Where the hell is, or ever has been your gratitude, America?, or simply an acknowledgement?

Did you know that General Grant threw the Jews out of his jurisdiction because of the abuse and embezzling they heaped upon the defeated south?

Did you know that famed movie stars Loretta Young and Marlene Dietrich were German or that Sandra Bullock was born and raised in Germany by her German mother or that Caterina Witt, the gorgeous multi-lingual ice skating star is German, or that unequalled beauty Claudia Schiffer is German, or great looking tennis giant Steffi Graf is German, or the greatest female pianist of the past 150 years, Clara Wieck was German as well as gorgeous and a mother of nine (!), or Fred Astaire, bet you didn’t even think about him! How about Esther Lauder? Incidentally, that name is pronounced “Lowder” and the list is literally endless. How about fashion icons Hugo Boss? Or Lagerfeld? Or Joost? Or Puma? Or Adidas? Germans all.

Did you know that German/American trumpeter and pianist Leon Bix Beiderbecke is arguably the greatest Jazz musician of the 1920’s and possibly 1930’s as well. How is it even possible, that Beiderbecke is being quasi ignored by ALL present-day Jazz critics? Could it be his original middle name, which allegedly was ‘Bismarck’? Could it be his being of German ethnicity? Could it be because he was white? I venture to say yes to all of the above.

Did you know that German Jazz violinist Helmut Zacharias was on par with the best of the best but isn’t even mentioned in jazz encyclopedias?

Did you know that the first person in the world to successfully fly a rocket plane was Hanna Reitsch, a German woman who also received the Iron Cross First Class for extraordinary bravery? That she was the only civilian in history to be thusly honored? Did you know she flew in and out of burning besieged Berlin long after all air traffic had stopped due to massive Russian anti aircraft fire? Did you know, she could have made millions writing her memoires, but refused to denounce Hitler and therefore lived a life of poverty while being incessantly harassed? But you see, she demonstrated what honor and decency mean.

Did you know that famed American General George Armstrong Custer was of German ethnicity? Could that be one of the reasons for his subsequent defamation? How is it, that one of the youngest, demonstrably bravest and most intelligent general officers the US Army had is only spoken of disparagingly in history books? We know today that his defeat at Little Big Horn was the result of his having received faulty military intelligence by a man who WANTED to see him dead! We know he died fighting like a lion against an overwhelming number of enemies. We know he was honorable, brave and unflinching in view of certain death. He was brutal?, no more so than any other military man of his time under the same circumstances and a damn sight less than most. General Custer was one of us, he was GERMAN! And next time some ignoramus disparages his memory, tell that person to go to hell!! (‘To Hell with Honor’, ISBN 0-8061-3156-X)

It is telling, that people who are regularly defamed, maligned, lied about, incessantly attacked and have their characters assasinated in history books, newspapers or the movies have almost invariably been pro-German. Am I the only one who sees a connection here?

Did you know that Custer had a brother, Tom, who was awarded two Medals of Honor for bravery? ( Not one, but an unprecedented two!) Do you know what kind of personal bravery it takes to get a Medal Of Honor??

Did you know that the most famous piano industries worldwide are of German origin? : Steinweg, Steinway (the German Steinweg in English speaking countries), Knabe, Sohmer, Wurlitzer, Bluethner, Boesendorfer (Austrian), Bechstein, Schimmel, Schiedmeyer, Forster and the list is literally endless. During the first part of the 20th. Century Germany had over a thousand piano manufacturers (no, I am not exaggerating!), all of whom built quality instruments. Recently I played on a “Hartmann” (I had never heard of the make). This piano had to be 60 years old, was nowhere near a top-class brand , its condition was only so-so, but it still sounded better than any other in that particular store! A small amount of reconditioning would have made it into a very fine instrument, vastly superior to any number of Asian wanna-be pianos now on the market.

Did you know it is the German piano industry which fathered the Japanese, Korean and Chinese piano industries? Japanese instrument makers learned how to built pianos in Germany during the 1920’s, under an agreement between the Japanese and German Governments. Japan has learned how to make excellent instruments, the Koreans and Chinese however built some dreadful stuff. German pianos are so loved, that there is even a Chilean (South America) folk song entitled: “Piano Aleman”. It’s the story of a poor boy who is playing an ancient beat up guitar and is dreaming of one day owning a Piano Aleman, a German Piano.

Did you know that the accordeon is a German invention of 1821. It was invented by a German instrument maker as a piano-replacement which could be taken along on long voyages aboard sail-powered ships. Can anyone imagine French, Italian or Mexican folk music without an accordeon?

Did you know that the Bandion (a relative of the accordeon) is the invention of a German instrument maker? Can anyone imagine the Argentine Tango without a Bandion?

Did you know that the clarinet is a German invention. Symphony music, most folk music as well as Jazz music are unthinkable without the clarinet. Did you know that the clarinet is the father of the Saxophone family of instruments?

Did you know that the famous instrument maker, American Wurlitzer of jukebox fame is of German origin? Did you know Wurlitzer designed the first electric keyboard long before the Japanese even thought about one?

Did you know that not so long ago, when America was still civilized, almost every American home had a Wurlitzer Piano in the parlor?

Did you know that famed American guitar virtuoso, Les Paul was of German ethnicity? He was born Lester Pollfuss. He fathered the musical style which propelled Nat King Cole and later jazz pianist extraordinaire Oscar Peterson to fame, not that he is ever given credit by the Jazz critics practically all of whom are hopelessly anti-white Jewish racists of the worst stripe. I challenge anyone to prove me wrong on this. ANYONE!

Did you know that as a 13-year old, Les Paul built his own recording studio in his father’s garage?

That he studied electronics on his own?

That he invented the electric guitar as we know it today?

In todays Jazz encyclopedias he is practically ignored and only mentioned in a disdainful tone, even though he did more for Jazz music than any number of alleged black ‘genius’s’ so enthusiastically waxed about.

My guess is, had he been black, he’d have a holiday named after him. As it is, having been of German ethnicity well——- we know the sad story.

Did you know that the art of beer-brewing was introduced to the Japanese by WW1 German prisoners-of-war around 1916?

Did you know that bread-baking was introduced to Japan by that self-same group of German prisoners-of-war?

Did you know that the automobile was invented by what later became Mercedes Benz, a German company?

Did you know that Walter P. Chrysler (Kreisler) was German?

Did you know that we Germans are the nation who fathered Professor Ferdinand Porsche? Ya, that one. The guy who built those sports cars. Well, as a thirteen-year old, he designed and built an entire electric plant for his fathers farm, as a birthday gift for his dad! This was at a time, when electricity wasn’t even thought of out in the country. He was 13! During WW1, he designed the first and possibly most efficient all-wheel-drive vehicle of all time (around 1915!!). It was called The Electric Land Train, because it consisted of four wagons-each with four wheels plus one wagon with two wheels in front and one with two wheels in back. Within each wheel hub was an electric motor controlled by the driver who sat in the front (two-wheeled ) wagon.There was another driver in the rear-wagon, again one with only two wheels. This ‘train’ could move over the most impossible terrain, because it literally moved like a snake. The reason it was not produced was the cost factor. It was sinfully expensive for the times. Around 1928, Porsche received a commission to design a car easy to built, maintain and to drive, a car for the masses. The company behind this scheme was Zuendapp of motorcycle fame.What he came up with was essentially the first VW prototype. Zuendapp unfortunately lacked the funds to produce it. Adolf Hitler who was an absolute car nut ran across this design. He comprehended the greatness of the idea and summoned Porsche in 1934 to commission him to actually built such a car. The result was the VW Beetle. Concurrently (!) Porsche designed the most revolutionary and successful racing car of all time, the Auto Union V-16. This was a machine to end all machines. Mid-engine, V-16, producing around 750 horsepowers, quasi impossible to handle for mortal men, the all-time car of cars, no doubt! It makes todays Formula One racing machines look like, well, sort of limp-wristed, you know what I mean, Enzo? Then Porsche was hired by Mercedes to design a car for them. He came up with one of the most exotic, strange-but-beautiful looking things ever put on wheels, the rear-engined Mercedes 150-H. This thing was incredible, but so ‘strange’ that Mercedes buyers shied away from it. When the war came, Porsche’s creation, the VW did duty without any modifications in the African dessert and in the steppes of Russia! Try that with a Toyota (Ha,ha,ha,ha!). The VW formed the basis for the ‘Schwimmwagen’ an amphibious vehicle (try that with a Nissan Ha,ha,ha,ha,ha!). It survived the war and became the most successful automobile of all times, even eclipsing Henry (Henry The Great!) Fords, models ‘A’ or ‘T’! The British had the opportunity to steal the entire VW plant in 1946 but declined to do so. Some colonel didn’t like the way car sounded. (I am serious here!) Well, today VW owns Rolls Royce and could buy the whole island if they’d wanted. Poetic justice!! In 1939 Porsche designed a tank which he called “The Mouse”. It was the largest, most formidable armored vehicle ever put on the road. Alas, it was so monstrously heavy and expensive, production was cancelled. During the war years Porsche ran the French Peugeot factory, fair and square. This man never did anyone any harm, ever! As a ‘Thank You’ for the benign and demonstrably fair treatment he afforded his workers, the French government imprisoned him after the war, setting him finally free, after the German government paid some outrageous amount of blackmail. Not one to stop, Porsche took an old Beetle, re-designed it and came up with the “Porsche”, a sports car unequalled in terms of sporting success, quality and reputation. Not one to be limited in any way, Porsche designed and built one of the finest diesel powered farm tractors ever during the early 1960’s! Since then “Porsche-Design” has re-designed the Harley-Davidson motorcycle, created watches, bicycles, even china and furniture, all to world-acclaim. Companies the world over in ‘design’-trouble regularly call on Porsche Design to solve their problems. They don’t call on Ferrari, they don’t call on Maserati (sorry, just a little joke here), they don’t call on Ford, General Motors, VW or Mercedes, they sure as hell don’t call anyone in England. They call PORSCHE!

This one German created more than the entire industrial capacity and brain power of the vast majority of nations combined, and I kid you not!

Did you know that the Boeing family of airplane fame, is German?

How about Herbert Hoover, the most humanitarian president the Americans have ever had? His grandfather’s name was ‘Huber’. I am convinced that one of the reasons he is being maligned today is because he was a German ethnicity. The claim that he was responsible for the Wallstreet crash of 1929 is demonstrably false. President Hoover organized the Food Relief for the Ukraine during the 1920’s, saving millions of lives, while it is without a doubt PROVEN, Jewish communist commissars murdered untold millions. He was responsible for the most massive construction project after the Panama Canal, Hoover Dam in Nevada, a visionary project most everyone thought was mad.

The same applies to Senator McCarthy. He too had German blood in his veins. He was one of the very few who spoke out against the legal-torture-murders committed by the allies at Nurnberg, 1946, thusly forever putting himself into the line of fire of the all-powerful Jews in the US. He recognized the communist danger and recognized that Hollywood was (and is) totally under Jewish control. His investigations may have in some areas been unfair, (one must fight fire with fire), but as a whole, under investigation his claims were justified. Folks, Senator McCarthy WAS RIGHT!! Predictably he too is being effectively defamed and vilified by the Jews.

Did you know, that the American President, Ulysses S. Grant was pro-German and that that is one of the main reasons he is being defamed in todays history books, as having been corrupt, an alcoholic etc. ad nauseum? Had he been a German-hater a la Roosevelt (Rosenfeld), he would be alluded to as a great statesman.

Did you know that the seeds of ‘Hate-the-Germans’ were sown by not only the Jews but by the British Empire, bent on destroying Germany? That the Jews finally succeeded in hi-jacking the White House via Theodore Roosevelt (Rosenfeld). This man couldn’t write letters flattering enough to the Kaiser, while at the same time scheming against Germany at every opportunity in the most dishonest, disgusting manner? (“The US and Germany, a Political History”, ISBN 0-8014-1634-5.) Could it be that he is so revered today because of his totally unjustified anti-Germanism?

Did you know that American hero Charles Lindbergh was 100% pro-German?, that he gave numerous speeches warning of war, that in 1941 he gave a speech naming and accusing the war-mongers, namely world-Jewry, that he was subjected to an unprecedented campaign of vilification, the foulness of which defies discription?, that he never gave in?, that he staedfastly refused to turn on Germany? And that that is the reason, THE ONLY ONE, why this honorable, honest man, a real American hero, is being vilified to this day in American history books.

Did you know that the X-Ray, without which modern medicine would be but a dream, was invented by Herr W. K. Roentgen, a German physicist who was a university drop-out?

Did you know that the finest optical industries were (are) German? That the entire Japanese optical industry, cameras and all, are based on German patents, some of which go back 100 years? That to this day, Zeiss Ikon are the standard by which all cameras and lenses are judged?

Did you know that the motorcycle is a German invention of 1885?

Did you know that the country with the most motorcycles in circulation was Germany (over a million in 1935), that Germany’s DKW was the worlds largest motorcycle manufacturer? That the Japanese motorcycle industry today is based on German patents, most of which were shamelessly stolen? The Japanese stole German technology as late as the 1980’s, when Suzuki copied the racing engine of the MZ racing bike. MZ was built in communist occupied Germany and was based in the former DKW company.

Did you know that in the year 1938, German motorcycle racer Ewald Kluge won the British Isle Of Man (Pride of Britain) race by a whopping eleven minutes (!) on his 250cc DKW, that Kluge won the European championship (the equivalent to todays ‘world’ championship), the German championship and the German Hill-Climb championship, all in one year, all riding his magnificent DKW. Kluges 11-minute win at the Isle Of Man was possibly the most stunning win in racing history, considering the times and the place and the unprecedented superiority of this man and his machine. International races such as these are not won by 11 minutes, but usually by a few seconds. In addition, Kluge had movie star looks, was unassuming, pleasant, never overbearing and literally loved by everyone, including the British racing fans of his time.

Did you know, that Honda got their start by carbon-copying a German NSU Supermax motorcycle?

Did you know that the NSU Supermax of the early 1950’s was one of the most advanced bikes in the world, the evolutionary result of 50 years of engineering?

Did you know that NSU was one of the oldest motorcycle producers in the world, that as early as 1915 they designed and build a gorgeous V-twin with rear suspension, at a time when rear wheel suspension was practically unknown? That NSU dominated the worlds formula one circuits in the 1950’s in the 125 cc and the 250 cc classes? That NSU, to this day (!) holds several world speed records? That NSU built the most advanced (and stylish, trend-setting) automobile in the 1960’s, the Wankel powered RO 80 with a CW value of less than 30, unheard of at that time?

Did you know it was NSU which sold the Wankel engine, invented by German engineer Felix Wankel to Mazda of Japan? And that Mazda’s much touted technical prowess is squarely based on this German invention?

Did you know Sony bought the 8-mm video camera from Bosch of Germany?, that it is a German invention?

Did you know that NSU was swallowed by all-powerful VW, who, lacking all historical perspective and respect allowed this illustrious name to disappear?

Did you know that VW instead of saving venerable world-class German manufacturers like NSU invested billions in the totally decrepit and outmoded Czech automobile and weapons manufacturer Skoda, designed an entirely new line of cars for them and is today selling those GERMAN designs, built with GERMAN money under GERMAN supervision as Czech products? Are these VW-managers idiotically masochistic, or what? They should all be shot for high treason as far as I am concerned.

Did you know that to this day, the Czechs, as a ‘thank you’, are spitting on us Germans? And that the managers at VW are blissfully unaware of their own traitorous insanity?, that if one tells them what the Czechs did after WW2, they refuse to believe it, but they will believe the most outlandishly horrid and obviously insane claims against their own grand fathers?


Did you know that one of the most successful and doubtlessly beautiful English bikes of all time was 1959-1963 Ariel and that this particular Ariel’s mechanicals were a carbon copy of the early 1950’s German 250 cc two-stroke Adler twin from Frankfurt?

Did you know that Adler was a venerable German automobile manufacturer who had belonged to the technological avant garde before and even after WW2? When viewing the Adler ‘Autobahn’ of 1936 at the Imperial Palace Auto Museum in Las Vegas, ones breath is being taken away at what we Germans created at a time, when 1920’s technology was still de rigeur with many other European car builders. The factory had been completely destroyed in a 1944 air raid. Overcoming incredible odds starting from scratch Adler created a superior line of motorcycles in the early 1950’s as well as top-class office machines. The latter were sold world-wide. The city of Frankfurt did not see fit to support them with tax incentives and tax breaks when they needed it. This self-same city of Frankfurt however has spent untold millions in supporting almost invariably parasitical none-Germans. The Japanese on the other hand support their industries massively when and if in need and aren’t even giving a thought to paying ‘reparation’ (blackmail) to anybody. GOOD FOR THEM, shame on Germany.

Did you know that Frankfurt finances thousands of two-week vacation tours by former Jewish residents, who ‘survived’? That these ‘survivors’ are furnished round-trip FIRST CLASS or BUSINESS CLASS airline tickets? That these ‘survivors’ are put up in the Frankfurter Hof, a FIVE STAR HOTEL at which a room costs around $400.00 per night? That these ‘survivors’, all of whom are rich (!), receive pocket money? That these ‘survivors’ have absolutely all expenses paid? That these very ‘survivors’ (I spoke to one of them) have nothing good to say about Germany and keep on literally howling how they have suffered (in their 5-Star hotel?) Tell me, are the present-day Germans totally insane, or is this only temporary?

Did you know that the best Russian automobile ever made was the Moskwitsch? That this car was a copy, nut for nut, bolt for bolt, of the 1938 German pre-war Opel Kadett?

Did you know that today, as you read this, the Russians are building a motorcycle called the “Ural”, which is a carbon copy of the 1958 BMW RS 75, including the ‘Steib’ side-car?

Did you know that in 1936 a British motorcycle publication wrote a report on a large variety of British side-cars as well as the German ‘Steib’? Did you know they rated the Steib vastly superior to all others?

Did you know that the Chinese are building today, a carbon copy of the 1941 BMW 750 motorcycle? They could have copied a British, Italian or American bike. But they chose a 60-year old (!) BMW design.

Did you know that Zundapp, the oldest German industrial company was sold, lock-stock-and-barrell to a Chinese conglomerate in the 1980’s, without the state of Bavaria even asking what they could do to help the company?

(alternative views removed)

Did you know that Zundapp manufactured a ‘war-hero’ motorcycle, the equivalent of the heavy BMW all day long? That they manufactured the arguably finest motorscooter of all times, the ‘Bella’, the revolutionary mini car ‘Janus’ in the 1950’s, some of the finest sewing machines in the world and the by far most popular and reliable outboard engines in Germany? The Janus automobile incidentally was designed by one of the world’s leading aircraft designers, Mr. Dornier, who had been prohibited by the allies to design aircraft after the war.

Did you know that this self-same Chinese conglomerate is today successfully building a decent line of motorcycles, which it is marketing in Asia and South America under the name of “MOTORRAD”? Did you know that Motorrad means motorcycle in German?

Did you know that todays best selling car in the South American country of Chile is the Opel Corsa, a German car?

Did you know that American Chevrolet, in order to crank on sales in South America is importing German Opels under the brand name of Chevrolet? And that American Buick is building the German Opel Corsa in China, calling it Buick?

Did you know that the Cadillac Catera was a German Opel Omega MV6?

Did you know that the top-of-the-line Saturn back in 1998 in the US was a re-styled Opel Vectra? Incidentally, the best-looking Vectra ever built!

Did you know that Korean Daewoo bought the design of the 1985 Opel Kadett, that they hired a top engineer away from BMW, that they established a design center in Stuttgart? That this self-same German engineer re-designed the old Opel and came up with the most successful Daewoo automobile ever produced?

Did you know that the up-scale Daewoo Leganza is nothing more than an Opel Vectra in a different, very attractive dress?

Did you know that in the 1950’s the Germans developed an entire mini-car industry with an incredibly diverse model palette?, that these mini cars, slightly up-dated could easily compete on the world’s market today? That we had not only amazingly efficient mini-cars, but also some really handsome examples, using the latest technology available at the time? That todays Japanese and Korean mini-cars in no way are superior to these micro-cars in Germany so long ago?

Did you know that after the war, American teams, trained and designed for the very purpose, scoured destroyed Germany and stole every patent, every invention, every art work and all the gold they could lay their hands on?

Did you know, that even today with so much documentation available, it is impossible to correctly ascertain the amount of industrial secrets, money, gold and art works which were stolen from Germany after 1945?

Did you know that it is a certainty, that United States Industry as a whole received a windfall, which is impossible to calculate, none of which has ever been paid back and is now never being spoken about?

Did you know, that German sculptor extraordinaire Arno Breker (called the Michelangelo of the 20th. Century by the French) was blackballed from ever sculpting again and that his works were all stolen by the American Army, which transported these art works to the US where they remain hidden to this day?

Did you know that it is French art historians who have kept the memory of Breker alive and who are building a museum in honor of this great German while he is forgotten in his own country?, that the museums exhibits will consist of PHOTOGRAPHS of Breker’s monumental, beautiful creations, since, as mentioned above, the originals are all hidden away someplace in the USA?

Did you know that Bayer, the inventors of the wonder drug Aspirin, is a German chemical company which was confiscated by the US?, that the US has never re-imbursed the German owners for this multi-billion dollar theft?

Did you know that Pfitzer represents the same case as Bayer?, and Merck as well?

Can anyone even begin to imagine the trillions of dollars the USA made from these thefts?

Did you know that not only the Americans but the British and the French and Russians benefitted hugely from the massive theft of all German patents and inventions after WW2?

Did you know, that the Russians dismantled the entire DKW motocycle factory (the largest motorcycle factory in the world at the time!) and shipped it all to Russia, only to let it rot?

Did you know that the Russians did that with a large number of German industrial enterprises? That they not only stole the plans, but the ENTIRE plants (or what was left of them after the round-the-clock bombings), including light switches, water faucets, electrical wiring, water pipes, roofing materials? That the only thing that was left were the shells of the buildings and even many of those were dismantled and the VERY BRICKS removed to the Soviet Union. All of it done by German slave laborers, a huge number of whom died of exhaustion and undernourishment.

Did you know that in 1953 the Russians discovered German engineers had miraculously managed to built a jet-liner at the old Arado aircraft factory?, that they ordered an immediate halt to the proceedings?, that they stole the airplane, its plans, machine tools, everything, including the engineers (that’s called kidnapping!) and transported all to Russia? Did you know that it was this German Arado jet liner, which formed the basis for all Russian civilian airliners for the coming 40 years? Tupolov, indeed!

Did you know, that Arado, one of the great names in aviation history is not even mentioned in todays university text books on aviation?


Did you know the British stole German jet-aircraft documents which formed the basis for the first passenger jet-liner of the world in 1951?, that this English creation had the nasty habit of disintegrating in mid-air due to a British design flaw (Windows too large. They’d popp out and ‘voila’, there went the plane!)? That this caused the eventual collapse of the once proud British aircraft industry? Had they kidnapped the German engineers as well, the airplane would have received proper-size windows and flown like an angel! Alas, they didn’t. Poetic justice sometimes is actually on our side.

Did you know, that one of the arguably finest British automobils ever was the Bristol 504 and that it was a carbon copy of the German pre-war BMW Type 326? In this case, they didn’t kidnap anyone or steal a design. They actually HIRED the top BMW engineer (I believe a certain Herr Fiedler) to come to Britain and to create the car.

Did you know that British BSA (BritishSmallArms) stole the entire productionn line of the pre-war German DKW RT-125 motorcycle before the Russians got their hands on the factory? The entire BSA line of two-stroke bikes during the 50’s and 60’s were based on this German bike. It can be said, those bikes were the only truly reliable bikes BSA ever built.

Did you know that the famed Yamaha twins of the 1970’s-’80’s were squarely based on German Adler technology, that the Harley Davidson ‘Hummer’ of the early 1950’s was in reality a DKW 125 and that the Kawasaki two-strokes were all copies of DKW designs?

Did you know that Saab’s first car was a design by a German engineer, who had worked at DKW before the war? That this car was the very foundation of todays Saab? That it was, for all intents and purposes a copy of Germany’s DKW’s 3=6 model designed in 1941 and that the Swedes built it for over 30 years?

Did you know that the very first Yamaha motorcycle was a copy of the DKW RT125?

Did you know that sadly today when mentioning this unequalled fountainhead of inspiration (DKW) people don’t even know what it means?

Have the English, the French or the Italians ever had a manufacturer as successful, so envied, so copied, so much stolen from as our DKW? Ya, right. They wish!

Did you know that Konrad Zuse, a German electronics engineer invented the first mechanical computer in 1936? That this self-same Konrad Zuse developed the first fully functioning electronic computer in 1941? That he did it by himself? That he did it without governmental help or even prodding? That he accomplished this incredible feat on his own, with his his own funds in his garage? His motivation? He was tired of spending countless hours figuring out complex mathematical equations.

Did you know that Zuse’s computer was destroyed during one of the first British air raids on a strictly civilian population center in 1941, long before a German airplane appeared over Britain, while Hitlers government was still vainly trying to come to an agreement with the Churchill government on Dowing Street # 10?

Did you know that Zuse’s name is practically unknown to today’s computer people, that the fact that the computer is for all intents and purposes a German invention is unknown?

Did you know that the worlds most modern train system, was built in China in 2002? That it was a German (Siemens) design? That the people who built it were German engineers and workmen? That the Chinese President couldn’t believe the Germans hadn’t built it in their own country?

(alternative views removed)

Did you know that chemistry is essentially German?

Did you know that it started in the middle ages?, that the first ‘chemists’ were alchemists?, that these alchemists were searching for a way to make artificial gold?

Did you know that Germany in those times consisted of hundreds of small duchies, city states and tiny ‘countries’, all of which had a handful of alchemists trying their best to discover how to make gold?

Did you know that one of those alchemists discovered the formula for making porcelan while looking for the elusive artificial gold?

Did you know that not only is porcelan a German invention, but Germany posesses the largest amount of the finest porcelan manufacturers world-wide?

Did you know that to this day Meissen-China is the ultimate porcelan? That ‘Hummel’ has fathered the world-wide industry of china-figurines (such as Spanish Lladro)? That Rosenthal, Hutschenreuther, Tischenreuther, Thomas, Bavaria and a host of others are quasi unequalled and admired by anyone in the world?

Did you know that the SS had a china manufacturer by the name of Allenbach? And that this company made some of the most artful and beautiful animal figures, such as dogs, or horses?, that this manufacturer was destroyed and its products either robbed or smashed by the art-loving allies after 1945?

Did you know that some of the finest crystal in the world comes from Bohemia? That Bohemia was German when the crystal industry was developed there?

Did you know that ‘Swarovsky’, the manufacturer of the finest cut-glass figurines and Jewelry is Austrian? And that Austria is as German as my grandmother’s cousin?

Did you know that Austria, Bavaria, Silesia, Pommerania, West Prussia, East Prussia, Alsace-Lorraine and the Sudetenland are all demonstrably German, that the street sign in Strassburg are in both French and German, that the grand cathedral in Strassburg is purely German gothic, that the cities of Danzig, Breslau, Liegnitz, Pillau, Eger, Carlsbad, Thorn, Strassburg, Malmedy, Stettin and a host of others are demonstrably German?, that every important city in the Czech Republic including Prague and most important cities in Poland were built by German settlers?

That plastics are a German invention?

That synthetic fibers are a German invention

That the study of genetics originated in Germany?

That the sciences, ALL of them, are essentially German, not in origin of course, and not exclusively (nature is the origin), but intellectually? That the vast majority of all scientists of note in the latter part of the 19th. century and the first half of the 20th. received their training at German universities?

That synthetic foods such as margarine originated in Germany? That they were developed because the Germans wanted to be independent of the rest of world, shall we say, to be impervious to blackmail and boycotts?

Did you know that Hitler’s economic policies were so brilliant, they actually were in the process of making Germany largely independent of the rest of the world, including independent of oil and natural gas imports?

Did you know that we Germans developed synthetic gasoline and that this invention, if adopted would make the entire world independent of the oil producers? Can you even begin to imagine the benefits to the world, to the environment? Hitler-Germany did that, and that’s one of the many reasons it had to be smashed. It interferred with the Jewish international money cabals.

Did you know that one of the first lung cancer operations was conducted by a German surgeon in Saarbruecken during the early 1930’s?, that it was the findings of this surgeon which dictated later procedures world-wide?

Did you know that it was the German health ministry which was one of the first entities to discover the dangers of tobacco and warned the public of smoking as early as the early 1930’s? That these same findings were suppressed in the USA, that Hitler prohibited smoking in his presence, but Roosevelt loved and promoted it?

Did you know, that smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages was frowned upon by the German SS?, that the drinking of hard liquor was prohibited in SS officers clubs?

Did you know that the most stringent animal protection laws in the world were passed in Germany during the 1930’s?

Did you know that mistreating an animal in Germany was considered as bad as mistreating a person?

Did you know, that in 1941 a German butcher was sentenced to three years in a concentration camp for having slaughtered a pig in an ‘inhumane’ way? I wonder whether this bastard ‘survived’ and claimed maltreatment after the war.

Did you know that concentration camps replaced prisons to a large extend in Hitler-Germany? That hundreds-of-thousands of inmates were common criminals, thieves, rapists and the like? That all those criminals received massive compensation after the war from the over-taxed, over-burdened and totally exploited German tax payer?

Did you know that tens-of-thousands of German soldiers were murdered by the communists, mostly Jews, in the Soviet Union after the war?, that they were accussed of ‘war-crimes’?, that they were refused any defense during their ‘trials’?

Did you know that since 1990 thousands of those murdered have been rehabilitated, their trials having been declared illegal revenge show trials by Russian authorities? And that the German (?) authorities have in no way acknowledged any of this, have in no way supported the Russian efforts at finally restoring honor to those innocent German soldiers? Is this sick? Sure as hell it is!

Did you know that Hitler seriously thought of convincing the entire nation of Germany to become vegetarians? (Not that I agree with that, but it’s an interesting tidbit of history)

Did you know that “Christmas” is an ancient Germanic festival which was hi-jacked by Christianity?, as is Easter (hence the Easter Bunny), that the Germanic origins of these festivals are the reasons why they are under attack today by world Jewry as being ‘hateful’? Are you ready for a ‘HATEFUL’ Easter Bunny or a ‘HATEFUL’ Christmas Carol? Can any healthy human being imagine such hate being directed at an entire civilization? And why is this very civilization sitting still while it is getting raped by world Jewry? Please, someone, ANYONE, explain this collective suicidal insanity to me. PLEASE!

Did you know, that most all Christmas traditions, such as carols, the tree, turkey (or goose), special baked goodies, toys for the children are all of German origin?

Did you know that the custom of giving toys for christmas is German?

Did you know that the most elaborate, beautiful toys ever created were created by Germans in the city of Nurnberg, that this was the city of toys?

Did you know that the finest toy-trains were (are) made by Marklin of Germany? That these trains are true-to-life scale models of the real thing?, that German boys (and men!) traditionally received train-sets for christmas?

Did you know that to this very day there are ‘Train Clubs” in Germany were men meet once a week to set up and operate their train sets, usually extremely elaboate ones, including train stations, repair yards, mountains, villages, trees etc.?

Did you ever see a Schuko toy car? Those were cars which were scale models of cars one saw on the road. They were engineered so that a boy could wind them up and run them on a table top, without the toy ever running off the table! Can you imagine any other nation ‘engineering’ a toy car? Compare this with todays plastic trash from China and get disgusted as to what they have done to my people, forever vilified by the utterly Jew-corrupted English world.

Did you know that in the city of Nurnberg there is the largest “Toy Museum” in the world?, the most extensive museum of musical instruments?, that Nurnberg was the home of the worlds largest and most influential motorcycle, sewing machine and outboard-engine industries? And that ginger-bread originates there? That Nurnberg has the most extensive, beautiful Christmas Market during December in the world, the so-called ‘Christkindl-Market’?, that Nurnberg is the city of pewter where the most beautiful vases, cups, plates, bowls and figurines are made of this metal? did you know that it was Nurnberg which is the cradle of the trade-union movement?, that during the middle ages there were unions, called Guilds, for just about every discipline?, that these Guilds were self-policing? That if any member cheated the public or was engaged in any other immoral activities he was dishonorably thrown out?, no laws, attorneys etc. needed – these men knew right from wrong and didn’t need some corrupt Jew-judge to instruct them in what was the right thing to do, no Sir!, that those very Guilds used to get together in a friendly singing and song competition?, that these song-festivals became famous as the
‘Meistersingers from Nurnberg’ and that Richard Wagner wrote an entire opera about this movement of cultural excellence? That’s not all, that’s only what I know off the top of my head. In the 1950’s, Nurnberg was home to the world’s most advanced motorcycle industry. About a dozen manufacturers, all of them indisputably leading in the fields of technology and design. In addition to that, it was home to the heavy-duty truck manufacturer ‘Faun’. Their products were at one time a common sight on German highways. That’s ONE city, folks. That’s far more than the vast majority of countries can lay claim to and I kid you not.

Did you know that Gingerbread is German?, that Gingerbread Houses are a traditional German christmas treat?

Did you know that the very first Christman tree in Canada was uprooted and the plaque which commemorated the planting of the tree by German immigrants was removed and destroyed, all at the behest of Jewish pressure groups such as the ADL?

Can anyone even begin to imagine the unbelievable cowardice of the Canadians?, or the truly incredible Jewish hatred for anything aryan? TO UPROOT A CHRISTMAN TREE?

Did you know, that the Christmas tree is an ancient Germanic symbol of everlasting life? And the oak, of strength and steadfastness?

Did you know that the ancient Germans didn’t ‘pray’? They ‘honored’ nature. Essentially, nature was God and ‘The Gods’ (Wotan, Thor etc.) were merely extensions of man-kind. Hence the earthiness of Nordic Gods. Hence the complete lack of ‘fear’ of God, as it is preached by Christianity. Why should an honorable man be afraid of a ‘God’? This is Germanic-honest, upright-fearless and honorable. Crawling, whining and ‘Fear-of-God’ is none-German, is disgusting, is revolting, is perverted. In short, it’s Jewish.

Did you know that the forest was the ancient Germans cathedral, that the ancient Germans lived with nature, much as the North American Indians did, that is to say, they respected nature and treated it accordingly. The fear of God was also totally incomprehensible to the North American Indians, who felt astoundingly like the ancient Teutons in this regard.

I think it was this basic honesty and honor which was the downfall of the North American Indian and, many miles away across an ocean, the ancient Teutons. Such a belief system is no match for the subterfuge, the dishonesty and the smoke-and-mirrors of the child of Judaism, Christianity.

No Teuton ever murdered a ‘none-believer’ and neither did an Indian contemplating his Totem pole. We learned these niceties from the Christians, children of Judaism.

Did you know that Germans have always felt a special affinity to the North American Indian, that it was the German author Karl May who wrote many books about the Indian, always respectfully, always with honesty and honor, unlike the English, the French and the Spaniards, all of whom essentially looked upon the Indians as animals to be annihilated.

Did you know that in Germany to this very day, there are ‘Winnetou’ festivals, re-enacting the Karl May characters exploits?

Did you know, that in Germany one of the favorite plays amongst the boys is Cowboys and Indians (a form of hide and seek) and that it is invariably difficult to find a boy who wants to play the cowboy?

Did you know that the Saxons resisted Christianization and that because they refused to crawl and pray to a God who amongst other absurdities mysteriously sentenced his own son to a horrible death under unspeakable tortures, Charlemagne murdered over 4000 of their warriors?

Did you know that Charlemagne was a Frankish prince and that the Franks are a Germanic tribe?

Why is it, that Germans (in the above case the Franks and the Saxons) are always divided and most always ape foreigners who usually can’t hold a candle to them?


Did you know that famed American baseball owner George Steinbrenner is German?

Did you know that Babe Ruth was German? And Lou Gehrig? And famed American soccer star, Mia Hamm? Not to forget hockey stars Ziggy Palffy, Mathiew Schneider, Marco Sturm and Olaf Kolzig, as well as a host of others.

Did you know that Dr. Robert Koch founded the medical science of bacteriology and that he was German?

Did you know that Dr. Koch’s discovery of the Tuberculosis bacillus has saved multi-million people the world over?

Did you know that Robert Koch was every bit as important as Louis Pasteur, but is being minimized in todays history books because he was German? What other reason could there be? It is a pattern folks. That simple.

Did you know that the only hospital for leprosy patients in all of Europe was in the university city of Giessen? This despite that leprosy was unknown in Germany? That this hospital treated invariably poor leprosy patients from Sicily and northern Africa for free during the Hitler-era?, that to this day Giessen University has a center for skin-disease research? That this research center is training black doctors from Africa for free because of the high incident of skin diseases in Africa? Have you ever heard of an African doing anything positive for a German? I didn’t think so.

Did you know that the American air force obliterated this university city in the summer of 1944, despite knowing the only thing there was a university specializing in skin diseases and gynecology?

Did you know that the greatest humanitarian in the world was Dr. Schweitzer, a German?, that he spent his entire life and self made fortune saving African lives, that his hospital, left to the Africans after his death is today a deteriorated shell without any value? ( Shades of Americas inner cities!)

Did you know that the principle of meticulous cleanliness in hospitals was discovered by the German doctor Semmelweiss, who was ridiculed by the medical community for his discovery? That Semmelweiss’s discoveries were internationally ignored for going on 30 years? He was eventually put into an insane saylum due to his vehement verbal attacks on his fellow doctors for ignoring his discoveries and there he committed suicide in despair at being internationally ignored.

Did you know that the center for most medical research in the world was Germany until the advent of WW2?

Did you know that a famed American doctor by the name of Kerkhoff donated his considerable fortune to the city of Bad Nauheim, which to this day maintains the Kerkhoff Institute, a cardio-vascular research center of world renown?

That this same city was one of the premier spas in Europe until the advent of WW2, featuring amongst its guests the entire Hearst family, the family of the Russian Tsar (hence the tiny Russian orthodox church there), movie stars such as Bette Davies, not to forget Emperor Haile Selassie with his entire court. Emperor Haile Selassie and his court bought expensive silver, jewels and clothing and Solingen cutlery at a variety of stores, only to leave overnight without paying their massive bills. All very African. Even then they had bad credit. Ask any American car salesman what he thinks of the credit-worthiness of his African co-citizens!

Did you know that this small city, nestled at the foothills of the lovely Taunus mountains was the first seat of the American Occupation government in Germany?

That this city had in the 1930’s (!) central heating for all public buildings and for all hotels, fed by one central boiler?, that an American Colonel Knight stole badly needed building materials in 1946 to build an ice-hockey stadium for the American troops there? That this stadium was build by German slave laborers under heavy guard at 1500 calories a day? That the crime these slaves had committed was to have been teachers at the local High School during the 1930’s?, that this very same Colonel Knight was honored (no kidding) in a ceremony a few years back and that the stadium was named after him?, that the German dignitaries during the ceremony waxed enthusiastically about the ‘co-operation between German labor and the American Army in 1946’? Is this enough to make a thinking person puke? And if not, what does it take?

Did you know that German was the first foreign language of choice in European High Schools until the advent of WW2, French second and that English ran a distant third?

Did you know that to this day, German is the most widely spoken language in all of Europe?

Did you know that South American countries, the Balkans, Russia and the United States, actively sought German immigrants, knowing they would built, create and never be a burden? That Germans have always made up the most reliable and productive citizen of any country they settled in? That there are practically no Germans on welfare or in the prisons of any of the nations mentioned?

Did you know that about 27% of all Americans are ethnic Germans?

Did you know night-vision goggles were invented by German engineers?

Did you know that “Telefunken” advertised TV-sets for sale (1936), when 99% of the world’s population didn’t even know what TV was?

Did you know that the father of German Television volunteered during the waning days of WW2 to fight on the eastern front and that he died in battle?, that his grave was discovered accidentally early in 2003? And that the ‘official’ story is that German TV is only 50 years old? Can anyone imagine the collective insanity which afflicts us Germans, that we KNOWINGLY deny the truth about our accomplishments, KNOWINGLY besmirch those who were great and KNOWINGLY spread falsehoods and lies detrimental to our people, while KNOWINGLY supporting the very people who are our sworn enemies, people who OPENLY admit today that they are our enemies, the Jews?


Did you know that “Telefunken” was only one of dozens of German electronics firms leading the world in developing that particular field of human endeavor before the Japanese even knew what a radio wave was?

Did you know (no one seems to) that the Videophone was being developed in Germany as early as 1934? The first public video-phone connection was established on March 1st. 1936 between Berlin and Leipzig. This was the very first fully functioning video-phone connection in the world. We Germans developed the coaxial cable in order to extend the distances of communications at the same time. One of the first places from which a video-phone call could be made, was from the Columbus Haus in Berlin. Today in 2003, the videophone is hailed as ‘new’ technology (American of course). Well, no. That’s a lie. We German developed it to perfection almost 70 years ago.

Did you know that the entire stereo industry would be but a dream if it weren’t for patents and inventions by Germans? We invented the recording tape, the tape recorder. In the 1950’s and ’60’s we built the finest microphones, loudspeakers, receivers and turntables in the world, bar none. German design was copied by every manufacturer all over the world. German makes included Telefunken, Saba, Grundig, Nordmende, Schaub-Lorenz, Loewe-Opta, and a slew of others. ALL were recognized the world over as being the best of the best. I own a 1962 Grundig table-top radio that looks great and works flawlessly, despite it having been one of the low-prized units of its time. In my study I have a 30 year Grundig stereo set, whose cassette-tape recording quality equals that of a current high line professional recorder having a cassette-recording frequency range of from 50 hz to 17.500 hz, using a 30-year old (!) Grundig stereo microphone! In the 1950’s and ’60’s, long-play records contained information regarding the technical aspects of the recording. On almost every record one could read that Telefunken microphones were used in the recording studio.

Did you know that the Hi-line Blaupunkt car stereo is today the by far best in the world, not the least because it is designed to be user-friendly to an uncommon degree. I know, because my BMW 528 E had one and comparing it to the others such as Alpine, Phillips, Kenwood, or even German Becker, there’s no contest.

Did you know that Alexander Graham Bell DID NOT invent the telephone, but that it was invented by a German engineer by the name of Geiser 15 years before! This according to essentially anti-German BBC.

Did you know that the present day American machine gun is based on the German model of WW2? And the present-day American helmet as well, not to forget every tank in the worlds diverse armies? Did you know that Americas much touted Abrams Tank of today uses a German gun, developed by Rheinmetall? And that those very same Tanks donated to the terroristic Jewish state in occupied Palestine are powered by German diesel engines? And that the present-day German slave-government not only donated the engines, but built an entire factory for the Jews, furnishing everything necessary, probably forever, for building and maintaining those engines? Is Germany utterly insane? Of course they are!

Did you know that the world’s submarines are practically all patterned after German designs?

Did you know that the most sought after non-nuclear submarines of today are designed and built in Germany?

Did you know that the Israeli navy and the Argentine navy use German submarines? That the German government gave the submarines to Israel as a gift? (Talking about criminal stupidity, this is it!)

Did you know that Field Marshall Rommel is the most admired military man by friend and foe alike? That no military man except Napoleon has been written about as much?

Did you know that military tactics developed by the great German General von Clausewitz 150 years or so ago are being taught today (!) in all military academies world-wide?

Did you know that at the battle of Waterloo, Napoleon was beating the pants off Fieldmarshall Wellington?, that Wellington said in desperation: ‘I wish it were night, or the Prussians were here’?, that Marshall Bluecher, at that time around 70 years old, had force-marched his Prussian troops for almost 30 hours in order to come to the rescue of his British allies?, that he in fact did and that it was this Prussian (German) force under Marshall Bluecher which ended up defeating Napoleon?

Did you know that in todays Encyclopedia Britannica, nary a word about Marshall Bluecher is mentioned when discussing Waterloo? Are you surprised? I am not. The British, being utterly Jew-corrupted, are uncommonly dishonest when it comes to history as a general rule.

Did you know that in late 1945 famed American General George Patton stated: ‘The only decent people left in Europe are the Germans’ did you know that he was in all probability murdered two months after having made this (and many other pro-German) statement? That General Patton was vilified because he had slapped a soldier, a Jew of course, for cowardice? It should be remembered here, that General Patton was demonstrably anti-German. He covered up the mass-murder of over 500 German soldiers at Dachau by his own troops.

Did you know that the very first operational rocket plane was German?

Did you know the very first operational jet plane was German? That it was demonstrated at an air show in 1939? That it wasn’t developed further until 4 years later is a German tragedy.

Did you know the by far best tank in WW2 was the King Tiger, a German panzer?

Did you know the Nuncio of Monte Cassino in Italy issued a proclamation in 1944, thanking the German troops for having saved the monastery? Did you know that this very monastery was subsequently bombed to smithereens by the Americans?

Did you know that German Fieldmarshall Kesselring ordered ancient Italian cities to be declared ‘open’ (undefended, de-militarized), that he ordered all German troops to vacate Rome, Pisa, Florence, Venice etc., thereby saving these cultural monuments from destruction? Has ANYONE ever thanked the Germans for this? Of course not. As a ‘thank you’, the allies carpet-bombed every German city and obliterated irreplaceable cultural monuments. Furthermore, Jewish prosecutors in American uniforms attempted to smear Fieldmarshal Kesselring as a ‘war criminal’ and todays demonstrably corrupt Italian politicians insult Germany without fear of retribution, something present-day Germany is incapable of, having been reduced to a state of incessant crawling and cowardice.

Did you know that General Cholwitz, hero of Sebastopol, saved Paris from being destroyed?

Did you know that the French as a ‘thank you’, murdered his unarmed charge-de-affairs Capt. Otto Kayser who in civilian life had been a literature professor at Cologne University?

Did you know that the French treated the Germans abominably after their surrender, despite the fact that the Germans had rigidly followed the rules of war, had never mistreated a French prisoner and had never mistreated or humiliated a French officer, official or person?

Did you know that during WW2 Paris was a city in which night life went on just as before the war, where life in general went on perfectly naturally, where no German soldier committed a single dishonorable act? A city which enjoyed the most benign ‘occupation’ in history? Well, next to Danmark, which essentially behaved more like an ally than an adversary.

Did you know that AFTER the war, the Danes, deliberately let die of starvationa and disease over 10,000 German children. That was the “Danish Thank You”, for the Germans having been the most benign occupiers in the history of mankind, and no, there can be no doubt about that!

Did you know that during the entire war, the Dutch were treated with uncommon fairness? That they had nothing to worry about as long as they didn’t break the law?, that the first time they really suffered was after the war, when the allies imported Jews to manhandle the population? This little tid bit of information I got from a Dutch lady of 87 years of age. In 1940 the Dutch authorities in Indonesia (then a Dutch colony) engaged in some horrendous abuses of the German minority which had been living there as traders, nurses, doctors, clergymen etc. for decades. These people were murdered, raped and robbed. The names of the Dutch responsible are all known. All of these monsteres enjoyed a peaceful retired life. Not a one has ever been called to justice. Today the Dutch are engaged in suicidal race-mixing and if you desire to watch a live, blood squirting sado/masochistic homosexual ‘show’, Amsterdam is the place! That’s not to your taste? So sorry!, fear not – around the corner is a live show of a beautiful blond Dutch girl being gang-banged and abused by sub-Saharan Africans and if that isn’t enough we have a girl here, really lovely, quasi virginal she is too, getting it up the rear by a donkey! Just come this way folks to see how we improved our society after throwing out all those baaaaaaaaaaaad Germans! O yes, let’s not forget China-town. Go in, DON’T come out! REAL good! Which drug do you want to destroy your life with?, not to worry – we have it all easily available on any street corner in Amsterdam. These days the most common first name in Amsterdam for just-born males is Ibrahim, or something like that!, and to think thousands of Dutchmen died fighting as SS-men. If they’d know, they’d rise from the dead to clean up the horrific mess!

Do you know, that todays French, or the Danes and Dutch for that matter have no idea about any of this? And neither Frenchmen nor Danes thanked the Germans for their unparalleled decency, on the contrary? These cowards couldn’t fall all over themselves fast enough to spit on us.

Did you know that Picasso spent almost his entire time in German occupied Paris and that no one ever harmed or hindered him in any way? That he vilified us Germans and spread foul lies, none of which had any foundation, about the ‘occupation’ afterward as a ‘thank you’?

Did you know that Salvador Dali detested Picasso, but that it is Picasso who is being held up as an example of ‘modern art’ to be emulated?

Did you know Picasso was a wife beater, a sadist and a pervert of the worst stripe?

Did you know that almost the entire art-business, art museums, art publications etc. are in Jewish hands? This explains the garbage, the junk, the excrement-of-diseased-minds which is being hailed as ‘art’ today.

I saw a young lady actually absorbed by Rothko ‘turds on canvass’ in the Los Angeles Art Museum. I asked her why on earth she was looking at that pure, unmitigated garbage. I received a look of such cultural disconnection and desolation in return that I merely walked away, shattered.

Did you know that the cultural and entertainment capital of the world in the 1920’s wasn’t Paris or London or New York but Berlin?

Did you know that famed modern artists Lionel Feininger was an American Jew who was sent to Germany by his parents to initially study music? That he left Germany in 1938 and never painted again because of his homesickness for ‘his’ Berlin?, that he considered himself to be German, rather than American or Jewish?

Did you know that Russian artist Wasily Kandinsky lived in Germany practically all his life, that after he left in 1938 and moved to New York, he never painted again and died there in 1941 of homesickness for ‘his’ Germany?

Did you know that one of the greatest writers in Germany was Kurt Tucholsky, a Jew who was thrown out of Germany in 1933 for having been virulently against the Nazi-party (but never against Germany as such), that Tucholsky in utter despair for having lost ‘his’ Berlin committed suicide in Sweden in 1935?

Did you know that neither Lionel Feininger, nor Kurt Tucholsky are even mentioned by todays Jews, despite their having been true masters in their respective fields? And that the reason for this is, that these men refused to be used for propaganda purposes against the country they so loved?

Did you know that famed American optics maker Bausch and Lomb, were Germans?

Did you know that the oldest maker of wheeled vehicles in America was Studebaker and that Studebaker was German?, that Studebaker designed the arguably world’s best truck, the American Military issue ‘deuce-and-a-half’, built to this very day?

Did you know that famed bandleader Glenn Miller was of German ethnicity?, that he revolutionized not only march music, but was also an extremely potent force in popular music during the last century? I would say he was the ‘American’ Johann Strauss. Glenn would no doubt puke at todays ‘popular’ music.

Did you know that in 300 years in America, no German family ever owned a slave?

Did you know that in Philadelphia in 1686, German immigrants openly held a protest march against slavery? Not the Italians, not the French, not the Spanish, certainly not the English and most decidedly not any Jews protested against slavery. It was us Germans who protested against slavery, while it was the Jews who sold slaves.

Did you know that the entire slave trade was in Jewish hands, including the ownership of the ships, the ships crews and the ships captains? No, NOT the Portuguese, but rather Jews who lived in Portugal. NOT the Dutch, but rather Jews (including one by the name of Roosevelt!) who lived in Holland, etc., ad nauseum. NEVER a German. Neither as seller, nor as customer. NOT US GERMANS!

Did you know that the original Declaration of Independence was printed in the German language in Philadelphia 3 years before being printed in English? Did you know that we Germans introduced the printing press to the USA?

Did you know that Johann Gutenberg, the inventor of the printing press, was named the most important person in the last one thousand years?

Did you know there were more Germans (by far) amongst the 100 most important people than any other ethnicity?

Did you know that German classical music represents the high point of music in all of Civilization? That we Germans produced more great composers in one century than the rest of the world combined has in recorded history? Do you realize that if you were to remove German music from the symphony orchestra’s library, you might as well disband the orchestras?

Lighten up, just making point here, that’s all.

Did you know that German influence in music was so overwhelming, that “The Russian Five” (five Russian composers) got together to write ‘Russian’ music. Some of it good stuff indeed, but as a whole the entire recorded Hot Jazz records of world-class quality in Berlin in 1943, when, as the Jews lie to us, everything ‘modern’ was supposedly prohibited? Brocksieper made these records with a variety of international bands, including Italian, French and Dutch musicians. Everyone of these musicians was on a world-class level. NONE of them grace the pages of any Jazz encyclopedia. It’s as if they didn’t exist. You see, if they’d be acknowledged, it would expose one small part of the giant Jew-lie about recent historical events. Well, there’s always the internet. I wouldn’t know any of this, had it not been for a chance sighting of a Brocksieper long play record in a flea market, a record in like-new condition with excellent, knowledgebly written liner notes furnishing a plethora of information.

Did you know that this self-same Freddie Brocksieper recorded with American Jazz legend Lionel Hampton? That it was Brocksieper who introduced the harpsicord to Jazz music, something falsely credited to Artie Shaw, who cut numerous excellent records (with Johnny Guarnieri on the harpsicord) at least 5 years later?

Did you know that German Jazz critic Joachim Ernst Berendt, one of the most knowledgable men in the field MUST have known this, but chose to perpetuate the Artie Shaw lie? Just another German who betrayed his country. This may not seem important to a none-Jazz afficionado, but to those of us ‘in the club’, it is important since it proves that those who would tell us ‘Alles war verboten” are pure liars.

Did you know that ‘Lili Marlene’, the heart-wrenching WW2 song was the hands-down favorite amongst all soldiers, German and Allies? That this song was PROHIBITED by the allies after WW2, that Mr. Schulz who had written it was PROHIBITED from writing music and had to make his living as a day-laborer? That international Jewry stole his copyrights to ‘Lili Marlene’ and made millions off the song internationally? That he never received a penny? Democratic principals indeed!

Did you know that modern art received major impetus from the German art movement called “German Expressionism”? Since that is so, were are the Otto Dix, Max Beckman, Schmidt-Rottluf, August Macke etc. paintings? In private collections, that’s where, rarely in museums. There is a private collection of German Expressionism in Los Angeles Ca., which is massive and is amazingly being shown occassionally by the LA County Art Museum. German modern art was mind-boggling. It was GOOD art. It was great stuff, not some perverted Jew-garbage a la Lipshits, de Kooning, Rothko, Baselitz – ad nauseum.

Did you know that the most luxurious ocean liner ever built was the liner “Deutschland” of the Hamburg-New York line in the 1930’s?

Did you know that the ‘economy’ passengers menu reads like a Five-Star Hotel competing in an international Michelin guide contest? I know, since I happen to have a copy. Never in my life have I eaten like that even though I’ve eaten in some of the finest places in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Lima (the Hotel Bolivar, now defunct, was one of the GREAT hotels of the Americas), Santiago de Chile (you haven’t had lunch until you’ve had it at the Roof Garden Restaurant at the magnificent Hotel Carrera), New York (my wife and I lived at the Intercontinental in Manhattan for 3 weeks), Frankfurt (the Salzhaus Restaurant has got to be one the finest in Europe), London, Rome, Madrid, Berlin( try the Kempinski Hotel if you want to LIVE), Florence and Paris where the Chauteau Briand is divine no matter where you dine, not to forget Las Vegas, where Ceasars Palace is still the greatest after all these years. I’ve missed a few, but don’t want to brag. I do enjoy life and great food is an integral part of it!

Did you know that the tip on top of the Empire State building in New York was a proposed anchoring point for the “Hindenburg”, the German air ship?

Did you know that the air-ship Hindenburg afforded the most luxurious travel known to man?, that we Germans developed this magnificent air ship at the time, when the British were developing long range bombers and Phospour bombs to burn German women and children slowly to death in the future?, or were they per chance planning on annihilating the Irish, Luxemburgians, Latvians – WHO? We know whom Churchill wanted to annihilate (and damn near did), because he himself said in 1936 (!): ‘The Germans are getting too strong. We must wipe them out.’ In a moment of absolute insanity, the city of Aachen gave this mass-murdering bastard the Karlspreis, one of Germany’s highest awards. It’s really sickening.

Did you know that we Germans had not a single long range bomber, or transport plane under development until late 1938, when it had become apparent the British, at the behest of world-Jewry was bent on destroying us? The long range aircraft we did have was the unparalleled magnificence of the Dornier DO-X, a flying boat with which we crossed the oceans BEFORE Panam! The Do-X had 12 engines with a total of 6300 horespowers and weighed in at over 70.000 pounds. It dwarfed all others. This aircraft was neither suitable for military operations nor had it ever been intended for such. The British and the Americans on the other hand had developed long-range bombers, exclusively for military purposes as early as the middle 1920’s. Folks, long range bombers are ATTACK weapons systems, NEVER designed for defensive purposes. Whom was the English-speaking world bent on attacking? The people of Lichtenstein?

Did you know that the German Luftwaffe used a civilian airliner, the JU 52 as a troop transporter and for various other missions, because they had nothing more appropriate and that this very plane was flown in many South American countries until the early 1960’s by local airlines?

Did you know that we had trans-Atlantic air travel to New York and Rio de Janeiro, using the most modern flying boat , the Dornier DoX mentioned above as early as 1925? And no, it wasn’t the USA with their Panam Clipper, but Germany with the Dornier Do-X that paved the way for future air travel.

Did you know that this selfsame Dornier was pohibited from designing air planes after WW2? To prohibit a man like him from designing air planes is like prohibiting Beethoven from writing music. Dornier was a giant amongst the worlds air craft designers. A giant.

Did you know that the present day US Coast Guard school ship “Eagle” is really the “Horst Wessel”, the German naval school ship of the 30’s?

Did you know that the “Conestoga” wagon of American Wild West fame was designed by Studebaker and patterned after the “Postkutsche” from Germany?

Did you know that the Diesel engine was invented by Rudolf Diesel, a German engineer?

Did you know that the German helmet of WW2 saved hundreds of thousands of lives and that that is the reason the US Army uses it today? Does that not beg the question, why todays German soldiers run around looking like second class British Have-beens? Is it not shameful what they have done to us with the aquiesence of ‘our’ various crawling governments?

Did you know that the Hungarian wine region was settled by Germans 300 years ago? And that Hungarian red wines rank amongst the very best?, a bit dry perhaps, but tasty, tasty, tasty!

Did you know that the most important and influential thinkers and philosophers of the past 200 years were largely German?

Did you know that the economically and culturally most advanced region in Russia was the Volga Republic, an area settled and developed by Germans who had been invited by Catherine the Great?

Did you know that Catherine the Great of Russia was a German princess and that that may very well be the reason for some of the defamatory remarks made about her in some history books? Isn’t it interesting how these cowards always defame people who cannot defend themselves? And always people who somehow have a connection to Germany?

Did you know that those Russians of German ethnicity were all Menonnites (Pacifists) and were mass-murdered almost to the last man by Stalins Cheka (secret police) in 1936 (!)? And did you know that the Cheka was created by a Jew and was staffed almost exclusively by Jews? Did you know that an American reporter who was witnessing Jews in Russian police uniforms murdering peaceful, unarmed Germans reported nothing was amiss?, that all was ‘peaches-n-cream’ in the workers paradise?

Did you know that this very reporter who so shamelessly lied about the mass murder of German pacifists worked for the Jewish controlled New York Times? And that this newspaper received a Pulitzer Prize for its horrible distortions, covering up what must be considered one of the greatest crimes of the past century?

Doesn’t that beg the question, WHO pulls the strings as it regards the awarding of the Pulitzer prize? Could it be the same scum-bags, who managed to get the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to one of the most consumate, hate and poison-spewing liar of our times, Elie Wiesel?, or to the hate-twisted Polak Lech Walensa, who told a Dutch newspaper the German nation should be eradicated in case they would ever again ‘upset’ the situation in Europe? Well, we know who the disgusting slime-bags are who have the power and who are forever ‘upsetting’ not only Europe, but the entire world. They are called Jews.

Did you know that ironically the Pulitzer prize is named after an American journalist of purely German extraction?

Did you know that the south of Chile and Brazil was settled by Germans 150 years ago? Did you know that in 1939 Brazilians were encouraged by the USA to hunt down German settlers and lynch them? Those were Germans in ethnicity only. They had lived there for almost 100 years, having contributed hugely and never having in any manner whatsoever been a problem, on the contrary. Their language was almost totally wiped out at that time, all at the instigation of the Roosevelt government which at that very time claimed to be ‘neutral’, a time when Germany was diplomatically desperately trying to avert war? What does that tell us about the cowards of Brazil?

Did you know it was the British military historian Cpt. Liddell B. Hart who wrote in his book “The History of the Second World War”: ‘WW2 would have been avoided had it not been for the intransigence of the British government.’ – Did you know that Liddel B. Hart’s career was subsequently torpedoed at every turn by the Powers-To-Be in England?

Did you know that those regions settled by Germans are the most prosperous and productive ones of their respective countries? That the German language is being spoken in parts of southern Chile and that the language is finally enjoying a renaissance in Brazil as well, ironically as the Hunsrueck dialect, a dialect which is disappearing in its fatherland?

Did you know that the decimated German community in Brazil receives absolutely no support from present-day Germany, but that the German traitors are building and financing schools in Afghanistan, waxing eloquently how ‘we must help’. Concurrently Afghans who live in Germany are notorious trouble makers on every level, not in the least bit grateful for the opportunity to live in one of the most advanced countries in the world, but forever preaching to their hosts on how to be ‘tolerant’. Have you EVER seen or heard of a tolerant Afghan? Who the hell do these people think they are? Their only contribution to civilization has been the abuse of women, heroin production, rampant paedophilia and massive corruption. And those are indisputable facts.

Did you know that all branches of the WW2 German military are the most admired military units by international historians?

Did you know that the most moral, honest, peaceful and hard working citizens of the United States are the Amish, German Pacifists all?

Did you know that the American military is to this day patterned on the example introduced by General von Steuben during Washington’s time? That the order of battle of the American Army is a carbon copy of that of the Germans anno 1941?

Did you know that the very first person to plant wine in Chile, a country renowned for its excellent wines, was a German Conquistador (no, you didn’t read incorrectly), by the name of Bartolomaeus Blume? If he is listed in todays Chilean history books at all, it is as ‘Bartolomeo Flores’. He not only planted wine, he founded one of the most beautiful cities in South America, Vina Del Mar, Chile. He built the very first wind mill in South America as well as the first irrigation system and he founded the first and only hospital for Chilean Indians. Like some many Germans, besides having been a soldier of note, he was a builder and a creator. Before joining the Spaniard Pedro de Valdivia he had been an officer in the Bavarian army.

Did you know, that it is due to the German artist Moritz Rugendas that we know today how people lived in the Spanish colonies? He painted scenes of everyday life in Mexico, Brazil and Chile, where he lived for many years. He also catalogued the myriad plants and animals Alexander von Humboldt discovered while exploring South America. Rugendas is today seen in Chile practically as a Chilean and is accorded high honors in their art museums. He died alone, broke and forgotten in his native Augsburg. In a recent report on Augsburg on German DW (international) Television, Rugendas wasn’t even mentioned, whereas Berthold Brecht, the disgustingly immoral stain on the reputation of German literature, was mentioned in religious tones of adoration. This is clearly disgusting. I hope the ‘Furor Teutonicus’ Tacitus spoke of will rear its head soon and clean up this cesspool of degeneration in my once proud, beautiful country.

Has anyone ever wondered what was more important, a man like Hillary who climbed Mount Everest, or men like von Humboldt or Rugendas who enriched western civilization immeasurably? Is there even a question? So why is it, that Sir Hillary is feted as the ‘Second coming of Christ’, whereas the honorable, decent, incredibly beneficial Germans just mentioned are practically unknown? Do you see a pattern here? I do, and no, I don’t disparage Sir Hillary. He was one hell of guy, but——-.

Did you know that German motor cars ruled the international formula one circuits before WW2, practically unchallenged? That German motorcycles did the same?

Did you know that German motorcycles ruled the worlds formula one circuits after WW2 during the 1950’s as well?

That German racing cars in the 1950’s and ’60’s were practically untouchable, until Mercedes and Porsche both decided to withdraw from racing?

Did you know that, on a per capita basis, Germans have won more gold, silver or bronze medals in more Olympics than any other nation?

Is the maliciously promoted degeneracy of the German people as a whole the reason for the present-day dearth of world-class German athletes? Michael Schumacher and his silly grin while he mindlessly sprays champagne around on the winners podium, howling with childish delight like the corrupt swine he appears to be, is an embarrassment. Compare him to the numerous German racing giants and their gentlemanly demeanor of the past. Well, one can’t compare the two. Count Berghe von Trips or Bernd Rosemeyer, or H.P. Mueller? Those were MEN, as well as gentlemen! Schumacher is a bad joke, no more. Where are the German giants of the soccer-world? Hell, we had a ton of those! Where are the heroes of the tennis court? Those pitiful wiggers running around punching the air, screeeching “Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeees”, while wearing their baseball-cap backward? My God, what is hapeneing to us? I am ashamed.

Did you know that in the early 1950’s we Germans developed an entirely new class of automobile? It was called the ‘micro-car’ or in some cases the ‘bubble-car’. These things were amazing. If one would take the makes and types listed below, one would have an automotive sub-industry with which one could motorize the entire world, without anyone going into forever-debt by ‘leasing’ some asiatic coffee-can stuffed with stolen western technology. There isn’t a Daewoo Tico, Subaru Justy, Suzuki Maruti, Hyundai or any other rice-eater which could hold a candle to the following 40 to 50 (!) year old German micro-cars:

‘The amazingly original and efficient BMW 600’, ‘the various, lovely BMW 700-series cars’, ‘the family cars par excellence-Glas Isar 750, Hansa 1100, Gutbrod, or ‘The truly fantastic Maico 400’, the various ‘Goliath’ cars, the ‘DKW Jr. 750’, the lovely ‘Borgward Arabella’, the amazing ‘Fuldamobil S-3’, the truly one-of-a-kind ‘Zuendapp (Dornier) Janus’, the great-looking ‘Kleinschnittger F-250-C’, the lovely ‘Victoria 250’, the gorgeous (Pininfarina eat your heart out!) ‘Maico 500 Sport’, the proposed, but never produced Hanomag Partner, the gorgeous ‘Gutbrod Superior Sport Roadster’, ‘Weidner Condor S-70’ and I haven’t even mentioned any of the incredibly individualistic and successful “Bubble-Cars”!

Not only were these machines truly marvelous cars, they were extremely diverse and absolutely original. Some had one-Cylinder two-stroke engines, some 2-cylinders , some three-cylinders, some four-stroke Boxers (unfortunately usually under-powered, the only sore point), some were two seaters, some three-seaters, some four seaters, some were made of fiberglass, some had one door in front and one on the side, one had a door in front and another in the back (!), some of the more tiny ones had no doors, some had engines in front, some in the middle (yep, that too is a German development, the mid-engined car), some in the rear, they were all the individualistic creations of German automotive genius at a time, when Germany was just barely getting back on her feet. Most of these cars were designed by individuals in tiny workshops employing maybe a dozen people, many of whom had to wait for months before getting paid, but worked away anyway, never missing a beat! We not only recovered, but we created and worked, and worked and created and rose like a Phoenix from the ashes, we truly did! And I dare anyone with know-how to prove me wrong when I say, the present-day crop of asian stuff, can’t hold a candle to any of our 45-50 year old creations. Hell, they aren’t even on our planet and yes, I am damned proud to be German and no, that isn’t arrogance, but a healthy feeling of unmitigated pride! There isn’t a country on earth, not a civilization on the planet which can lay claim to anything even remotely like the micro-car industry Germany had created within a 2 year period out of nothingness, utter destruction and despair. If one can’t be proud of that, what the hell is there?

Did you know, that we Germans produced some of the finest heavy-duty trucks in history? Hanomag, MAN, Krupp, Buessing, Opel Blitz, Stoewer, Magirus, Deutz, Kaessbohrer, Faun and the list is quasi endless!

Did you know that an up-to-date super modern automotive factory was ‘given’ to the Poles? Well, actually they stole it, the only thing Poles seem to excell at. Poland inherited (what a sick joke THAT is), the entire Stoewer factory after WW2. Stoewer had produced world-class automobiles and 4-wheel-drive trucks. The “Stoewer Greif” was the equivalent of any middle class automobile on the planet in the 1930’s and a damned sight better and more advanced than most. The Poles (predictably) let this magnificent factory rot away and only managed to built a third-class motorcycle in it for less than 4 years. Today Germany is sponsoring Polands entry into the European Union, grovelling like a bunch of drunken cowards. If this isn’t sheer insanity, what the hell is??

Did you know that the World Champion soccer team of 1954, the German team, wasn’t even expected to be in the final 8 and that it was made up of amateur players, all of whom held down regular jobs?

Did you know that in 1966 the English team won the World Championship against the German team at Wimbledon stadium on an off-sides goal? That the linesman who had seen this off-side was too cowardly to say so at the time? That the soccer-hoodlum crowd at Wimbledon, howling like mad dogs intimidated the referee? That this would have been unthinkable in a German stadium? And the British puke to this day about their ‘Fair Play’, ya, fair indeed! You British are a damned disgrace, that’s what you are!

Did you know that the 1936 Olympic games in Berlin were the best organized, most orderly, most fair and totally untainted games in history? Did you know that American star athlete Jesse Owens waxed enthusiastically about the great treatment he had received there, while at home he had to sit in the back of the bus?

Did you know that the infamous snub of Jesse Owens by Adolf Hitler is an unmitigated lie? That Hitler was told by the president of the International Olympic committee please NOT to congratulate anyone peronally, that this was against the rules, and that Hitler apologized for having done so the previous day and promised not to do it again?

Did you know that Hitler smiled broadly at Jesse Owens and waved at him during the victoy celebrations? That this is recounted by Jesse Owens himself in his memoires?, that neither Owens nor any other member of the American Olympic team had anything but good things to say about Germany? That the only people who have written negatively about these magnificently staged games have been bought and paid for journalistic hacks and scum-bags, most all of them Jews who weren’t even in Berlin at the time?, that the English team entering the Berlin Olympic Stadium gave the German salute (now wrongly vilified as the Nazi salute)?

Did you know that this salute is Roman in origin?, that it means “Look here, I am unarmed, I come as a friend”?, what does the communist salute with the closed fist represent? What does a CLOSED fist represent?, do you see the Jew-defamation at work?, why does anyone have to draw a road-map here??

Did you know that Switzerlands national figure, William Tell, is a fictitious character created by the great German dramatist Friedrich Schiller?, that Schiller was one of the greatest humanists in world literature, that Schiller’s ideas are reflected in the American Declaration of Independence and in the Bill of Rights? That Schiller was one of the giants of western civilization and philosophical thought, only to be swept under the rug by todays mostly Jewish academic text-book authors, whose collective dishonesty is surely unequalled?

Did you know that the famous painting of George Washington crossing the Delaware was painted by a German artist, using the Rhine river as a back-drop?

Did you know that the famous painting of English King Henry the 8th. was painted by the German painter Hans Holbein?

Did you know that the only composer of note who ever worked in England was German? His name was Georg Friedrich Haendel. All English composers from Purcell to Elgar are mediocrities at best.

Did you know that the arguably finest movie director of the past 70 years is Leni Riefenstahl, who not only did ground-breaking work, but was also an exceptionally beautiful actress when young? That Riefenstahl has been relentlessly attacked, defamed and vilified because she, being todays exception, namely an honorable German, did not denounce her erstwhile benefactor Adolf Hitler? She died in early 2003, never having betrayed her honor, her fatherland, her benefactor or her ideals.

Did you know that the German Jewelry Industry in the city of Pforzheim manufactures jewelry and watches which demonstrably rival ANY creations by ANYone ANYplace? And that this lovely Black Forest City was senselessly bombed to smithereens by the US and British air forces just before the end of WW2 only to rise like a Phoenix from the ashes?

Did you know, that the by far most productive farms in Paraguay are those founded by German Danube Swabians who had escaped the communist mass murder of German settlers in Transylvania after WW2?

Did you know that German farms have never had any outbreak of any diseases?, that they represent the pinnacle in farming in terms of cleanliness, orderliness, productivity and quality? Did you know that in the 1960’s Germany produced so much butter, they had to withhold is from the world markets in order to avoid a price-crash and that they eventually GAVE it to the Soviet Union (of all places, those idiots), rather then burn it?

Did you know that it was German farmers who brought modern farming techniques to Poland, a country who also owes us the architecture of their cities? Did you know, that even today in 2003, Polish farms are dirty, mismanaged hovels and that the formerly magnificent German farms in Silesia, Pommerania and Prussia are deteriorated, degenerated and unkempt?

Did you know that traditionally German agricultural products carried the trade mark “Deutsche Qualitaet” (German Quality), that this is now prohibited (!) by the European Union and that the slime-sucking German cowards in Berlin, those forever crawling examples of what German DOES NOT mean, acquiesced at once? You mean to tell me, some filth-filled, turd-world excuse for a farm produces quality like a German farmer? In South American countries one selling-point is to point out a product is of German quality, or “Technologia Alemana”. IT IS common knowledge: “Made In Germany” means this is good stuff! To PROHIBIT to point it out is a perversion! For the German (?) government to go along with this is high treason and yes, they all should be shot on the spot and yes, I am damned angry, and yes, I am absolutely right and justified in my anger!

Did you know, that German farmers traditionally feel close to nature, work with nature, do not try to manipulate it and today have farms on which pigs are permitted to live naturally? Did you know that they discovered thusly, that pigs are NOT dirty animals by nature? Did you know that the pork produced in this manner is the finest tasting meat imaginable, having practically no relationship to that which one buys in a regular supermarket?

Did you know that it was the German Brothers Grimm who compiled the most extensive collection of Fairy Tales? Did you know that it was exactly these Fairy tales which were read as bed time stories to children all over the world?, that these Fairy tales were translated into practically every language known to man? That these Fairy Tales served as a guide to morality? That they taught children the difference between right and wrong, good and bad?, that if children were taught these Fairy Tales today, we wouldn’t experience the precipitous decline and degeneracy in culture?, that it is the Jewish influence which has ‘killed’ the Brothers Grimm and continues to do so right now? That the stories of Hansl and Gretl, or Snow White are timeless? Aren’t you happy obscene and violent MTV has replaced German culture? Do you know who controls MTV? And if you do not, may I ask what’s wrong with you? It’s owned by Jews. It promotes every kind of filth, foulness and degeneracy known to man, as is usual for Jewish enterprises. How long will you permit this horror to continue?

That’s why the relatively unimportant Hans Christian Anderson is touted as the Fairy Tale author extraordinaire whenever the opportinuty arises. Is there anyone out there who seriously claims, that Anderson is on par with the Brothers Grimm? What a joke! Could it be that the Grimms are German? That they researched and defined the German language? You bet!

Did you know that German King Ludwig (King of Bavaria) built the most magnificent castles in history, that he furthered the arts and music like no other monarch?, that ‘Neuschwanstein’ Castle inspired Walt Disney’s castle at Disneyland?

Did you know that it took the people of Cologne aver 100 years to built the possibly most magnificent cathedral on earth? And that the city of Cologne has an entire team of especially trained restorers who incessantly, 5-days per week, restore and repair the outside of this incredible structure?

Did you know that German Luftwaffe General Koller saved the Cathedral of Chartres from certain destruction during WW2? and that no one in France ever said ‘Thanx, general’?

Did you know that very same General Koller created the most extensive Air/Sea rescue service of WW2, via which hundreds of British airmen were saved, treated honorably in German military hospitals exactly as any German soldier and subsequently returned to their British homes? And that not a one of these thankless bastards ever said ‘Thanx General’ and that not one British ANYBODY ever mentioned any of this?

Did you know that the British as a ‘Thank you’, imprisoned this man, a man with an absolutely flawless reputation, for over three years after the war?

Did you know that British and American bombers strafed and bombed German submarines engaged in rescue operations? But that not a single solitary German aircraft ever did anything even remotely this despicable?

Did you know that had a German aircraft done such a thing, its entire crew would have been court martialled and executed by the Luftwaffe High Command?

Did you know that in WW2, the German Waffen-SS accepted a British request for a temporary cease fire during the ferocious battle at Arnheim 1944?, that the British had run out of hospital space and medications and asked the Germans to take care of their wounded?, that the German Waffen-SS, forever vilified by you goddamned British Jew-corrupted whores, agreed and took into their care several thousand British soldiers whom they treated like their own? Practically not one of those British soldiers ever had the decency after the war to say: “By God, those German SS were honorable men indeed!” Where is your shame, England?

Did you know that todays Highways are the brainchild of Professor Dr. Todt, a German architect? That in the 20’s highways were built of asphalt?, that asphalt is a by-product of oil? That the Germans, already during the Weimar Republic thought of connecting every major and minor city with broad, sweeping highways? That these highways were supposed to be built according to nature, in other words, no mountains were to be flattened and no part of nature was to be destroyed? That Professor Todt got the job of designing such a monumental highways system? He realized that it could never be done with asphalt, because Germany had to buy that material from foreign sources, but did not have the money. What to do? Invent a new system, of course. That’s the German way! He decided to built his highways with concrete, a hitherto never tried method. He developed a system by which concrete could be poured in the shape of plates, which then would be attached to one another, forming a continuous line. This way the road way would not break or crack during Germany’s severe winters. After many attempts to get it right, Professor Todt succeeded. He designed the most beautiful highway system the world has ever seen. Architects from all over the world came to Germany to marvel at his creation, a nature-friendly creation at a time when no one even thought about the environment! The German Autobahn created by him is one of the engineering marvels of the past 150 years, there can be no doubt. Professor Todt died during the war in a plane crash.

Did you know that Hitler-era Germany was the first and only country in the world to truly consider the environment? This was based on the German love of nature, which in turn is based on ancient Teutonic religious beliefs. They furnished full employment to its people (real jobs, not MickeyMouse make-believe minimum wage garbage at McDonalds), a complete health care-system for everyone, they practically outlawed interest on bank loans. Bank loans were permitted only for major purchases. It was prohibited to mortgage farms. Farming land thereby not only assured the farmers a decent income, but a farm could never be foreclosed on. The result was the most stable, advanced and productive farming community in the world. The Hitler government traded (bartered) internationally rather than to buy, thereby outmaneuvering the international money sharks (the Jews, for those of you who still haven’t gotten it), to say ‘You have the obligation to work’, rather then the ‘right to work’ and the list of outstanding social policies is literally endless. The end result was zero-unemployment, zero discontent, no beggars or homeless people. Germany without Jews shot forward like a moon rocket. The improvements were absolutely incredible on all levels. His government was the only one in history to receive an approval rating of over 95% by the population at large! This approval rating was voluntarily given and has never been questioned by anyone!

While the population in the US was standing in soup-lines, while the entire mid-west was suffering the most catastrophic economic conditions in history, while France, England, Poland and all the rest were suffering economic downturns of massive proportions, Germany built luxury cruise liners for its people, airships without equal, unequalled roadsystems, the finest symphony halls and art museums, world-beating race cars and motorcycles and an entirely independent nation, the first in history! The sciences flourished, as did medicine, music, architecture, art and sculpture. No nation on earth can point to any period in its history were the same could be said. All of it on its own! – AND ALL OF IT WITHOUT JEWS!

That’s the bottom line folks, like it or not.


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  1. My background is mostly if not all German, and, in all fairness, you give too much credit to Germany. Not to say they didn’t create great ideas, but you over-exaggerate their greatness. Your criticism of the Jews is also unfounded, they aren’t horrible people. By your logic, because a few Jewish people commit a terrible wrongdoing the whole religion is be horrible. Your logic doesn’t work.

    Oh and here’s are a few facts about WWII for you.

    -When Hitler ran for office in Germany he promise to get rid of gun control, then when he was elected he took away the populace’s weapons and oppressed them. He ordered the break-in and pillage of a great number of Jewish businesses and sent anyone who was Jewish, homosexual, handicapped, or different from the Aryan race to a concentration camp to be slaughtered or gassed.

    -Hitler made deals with the murderous Grand Mufti

    -Hitler committed suicide after the war, probably because of the crushing victory the allies had over his Aryan nightmare.

    • Bravo, I will pass this on.

    • How can one “give too much credit to Germany”? Germany has created, produced, discovered, and theorized almost the majority of every modern accomplishment in the world!

      As for the Jews? I have nothing against them practicing their wacky religion. It’s the ethnic Jews I hate. The money grubbers and shrewd businessmen.

  2. bla bla bla, propaganda and more propaganda… Jews are Asiatic collectivists, they form a collective, like the borg, therefore they are all responsible and have to be dealt with collectively!

    1) Our philosophers rank right behind those of ancient Greece.

    2) The standard of living reached in Germany before ww1 has never been reached anywhere since the time of ancient Greece, and we managed to archive such a standard of living without slaves, in ancient Athens on the other hand there were roughly 20x times for slaves than citizens required for such a standard of living!

    3) Our architecture as well is comparable to ancient Greece, German architects, just like those of ancient Greece, managed to create timeless beauty, no comparison to the soulless junk today which looks old after only a couple of years!

    4) Our inventors and inventions are without comparison in human history, well, with exception maybe of the founders of ancient Egypt.

    5) Our cultural achievements, music, arts, poetry, and the like, as well rank in the top 5 of all of human history.

    6) Our army was the best trained and organized at it’s time in the same way Romes legions or Greece phalanxes were the best armies in their times.

    We rank head one with the civilizations of ancient Egypt and Greece, we Germans build one of the three greatest civilizations the world has ever seen! Ehre wehm Ehre gebührt!

    • Bravo, I will pass this on. Thanks Metadave.

      • Please delete my first comment above Metadave, I put it in the wrong place, this guy above here is a douche.

    • Your describing the White race. There are zero accomplishments by Germany that other groups of Whites haven’t in one way or another, also done or at least contributed to. But jews need to be out of banking, the media, politics and law.

  3. “There is a Jewish question, and this terrible race means, not only to master one of the greatest warrior nations in the world (Germans), but it means, and is consciously striving to enter the lists against the other great race of the north (Russians), the only one that has hitherto stood between it and its goal of world power. Am I wrong? Tell me. For already England and France are, if not exactly dominated by Jews, very nearly so, while the United States, by the hands of those whose grip they are ignorant of, are slowly but surely yielding to that international and insidious hegemony. Remember that I am half a Jew by blood, but that is all I have power to be, I am not.” — The Hapsburg Monarchy, Wickham Steed (pre-ww1)

    “On one thing am I clear: that is the influence which the Jews have gained upon our mental life, as displayed in the deflection and falsification of our highest culture-tendencies. Whether the downfall of our culture can be arrested by a violent rejection of the destructive alien element, I an unable to decide, since that would require forces with whose existence I am unacquainted.” — WAGNER, RICHARD. 19th century German composer

  4. Hi (?),

    This is quite impressive. I knew some of this, but much of it I didn’t. And all of it enumerated brimming with enthusiasm and patriotic verve. It’s extremely cool and goes down like oil.

    I remember the utter disbelief, if not shock, of the general public when it was announced that Borgward was bankrupt, just as they were producing some of their best car models ever.

    You didn’t mention the famous Goggo Mobile, which used to be a favorite of mine in the fifties.

    And what about the famous 01 express locomotives??

    Also, did you mention the famous BMW 600 who broke all sidecar records in racing? It was used by the postal service (with sidecar) and the police (without). As a kid I practically drooled whenever I heard their smooth roar and saw them flying past, master pieces of brilliant engineering and craftsmanship.

    I can’t seem to find the access to the links you mentioned here. Where the heck are they???

    Something else, I’m looking for credible accounts of the Roehm Putsch. In particular about Otto Strasser’s attitude after the execution of his brother Gregor as it pertains to Adolf Hitler. Do you have something on this hidden somewhere where I couldn’t find it?

    Can you provide any material about that? I would appreciate it very much.


    • Go to about Goggo etc. I wrote this article within 20 minutes (!) simply sitting in fornt of my TYPEWRITER and typing away! Of course I missed a lot of things. Good God, give me a break or better yet, do better. I have been vilified by my family & friends in Germany for writing this. You `Besserwisser´ what have you DONE? Gerry Frederics

  5. Gruß an dich,

    I’m afraid that I can not do that, it’s not that I’m not willing to share my knowledge, but that I have only written the introduction to this piece, the article itself I believe was written by someone a good deal older and more knowledgeable about those things than I’m my self. Actually I’m not even sure who wrote it, the source where I found this piece had it in the section of collected writings without an author named.

    My main areas are the human mind and political systems, my knowledge about history, especially when it comes to the history of engineering, is only second rate at best.

    The article may be found here:

  6. I am very impressed by your listing of Germany’s achievements and wish I had known of them before visiting.

  7. ive got a ton of different things in my blood, one half of my blood is lebanese. u wanna talk about disgust at the sheltered rich kids with their baseball bats their uncle sam bought’em…

    of course im just playin around, but, it IS indeed a serious matter. i got a lot of information from that rant of yours, and i have to say i liked it as well.

    *sigh* dues are never paid these days. absolutely no respect. no compassion to see things from someone elses eyes, no understanding. i dont care what country race people or animal we are talking about here, understanding and that feeling of needing to understand the other side of the fence, should be innate in all of us eh?

    fack, i need sleep. i appreciate your writing though, good shit

  8. I love you for telling the truth.

  9. nice work. German decendents should not be ashamed of their their heritage. i remember when i was about 9 or 10 years old,before i knew anything about the world, my parents always telling me i was of the Aryan race. i use to stay in an afterschool camp because my dad worked late and i was talking with one of the caretakers,who was white, and told him i was Aryan and he said i was disguisting!! i was very confused and i understand why he said that and i still think the same thing to him: fuck you

  10. Get a grip.

  11. good article. I mostly agree.
    It’s about time that the Germans, myself included are getting their self confidence back.
    The Allied occupation powers in the 60 years after the end of WW2 tried everything to take that from us and I must say they were quite successful with that.
    History lessons in school (on both sides of the iron curtain) were totally falsified. In the West of Germany they told us the american version and in the east they told us the soviet version of their truth. God thanks we managed to overcome that 40 years of partition and oppression under the influence of either the Americans, or the Soviets, in a peaceful revolution that is unequalled in Europe and in the World. Since then we have overcome obstacles and have emerged back as a strong independent nation that was becoming the driver for the European union and is to date undeniably the most productive nation and the biggest contributor to the success of the EU. The Anglo Saxon greed and unregulated financial markets have got us in deep trouble and we were short before a complete collapse of the whole banking system, No WE, mainly Germany has to pay their well earned and saved money and help out all those relentless spenders and nations that lived above their means, to keep the EU running.
    This is a dangerous situation as it creates a nation of angry Germans, including myself, that are not willing to play the “Zahlmeister” anymore. It also drives many Germans from a political centric, or center right view to the more radical right wing parties in Germany. We all know where this can end when you drive a hardworking and decent nation to the edge and let them pay for everything to that they themselves have to put a drastic austerity package on themselves to be able to survive this drainage without being pulled down in the abyss with all the other weak members of the EU.
    The Anglo-Saxon business model combined with their monetary system, lets just call it Capitalism here, has obviously failed and now we are at the point where we were at 1933 when Hitler came to power. Can you see the parallels? Do you really want to push us so far that we have no other way as declaring war on the current political and economical system? The Lesions from the first and second world war should have been learned: Don’t push the Germans too far, they might revolt and emerge even stronger than before 😉
    Those were my thoughts on this.
    In General I agree with your points, even though you are lacking of proves in some of your statements.

  12. I’m very impressed at teh detail you have gone to in this list. I have no problems with agreeing to the genius of the German people or nation or of the abuses they have endured.

    But, wouldnt you agree that the genius is in fact from the White mind? Not the White mind of one nation, but the White mind of many nations. would you not agree that Germany as well as all of Western Civilization has its roots in ancient Greece. As in the White mind being the most evolved of all human’s?

    And would you not agree that all of western civilization, not just Germany, is under assault by Jews?

    • Of course. `The color of my skin is my uniform,´. Weird things have happened to us `whites´. There is the inexplicable greatness of the Italian reneissance, the flowering of art in the Netherlands – later in France and later still in Germany. There is the incredible genius of Italian, German, French & Russian music, there is the industrial revolution in England, the EXPLOSION of technology and science, not to forget our humanitarian philosophy and literature —- ALL of it white and unequalled even by the great ancient Chinese civilization. But I am German-centric and am concerned about the death of our civilization brought about by OTHER white nations who were and are consumed with unbridled jealousy and greed. Gerry Frederics

      • Didn’t the Europeans stole everything from Asia? From Herbs, spices, mathematics, religion, laws, astronomy etc .Give credits to those who deserves it……

  13. very long and detailed

  14. The prowess of german nation are great and recognized everywhere. Why do you think that are overlooked?

    Your cars are a prove of exelence and if many german technologies were stolen by other countries is because you let to ocurre them. Instead of claiming the german origin of many inventions it was better to further develop your german technologies for your own sake and to beat the competitors.
    A good example was the motto of Canon corporation in their beginnings: To make cameras better than Zeiss that was the best camera maker in those days. Nowadays the most popular cameras chosen amongst the proffessionals are Canons or Nikons. The Carl Zeiss brand is practically unknown and its products relegated to museums.

    And one think, Why the Jews are not considered whites. I cannot distinguish a Jew from a Caucasian. They are also whites, blond and have blue eyes…

    • I must have missed that part of the article. What paragraph is it in that he is talking about Jews not being white?

      I would agree. Jews are a religion and ethnicity. However, just because one becomes Jewish does not make them white. They come in every color.

      However, a distinction must be made. One can be a German citizen, and of Jewish ethnicity. Then one can be of any nationality, and of Germanic ethnicity.

      Jewishness and Germaness often are opposing qualities.

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  16. Your criticism (if such it can be called) has no merit, because NOTHING I mentioned, the incredible mass of German inventiveness & what the world owes us has been countered by you in any meaningful way. Prove me WRONG, or go away. I am certain your degree of knowledge is so terribly limited that you couldn´nt refute anything I wrote, even if you understood what that means. How sad, Gerry Frederics

  17. Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis[Note 1] (July 1, 1818 – August 13, 1865) was a Hungarian physician, please correct it. Thanks

  18. Washington DC, October 31, 2011

    DWAPress Release by the Germany- United States-Canada Reconciliation Committee

    On the occasion of the presentation of a formal letter of apology from a former US Army officer to the German people for the mistreatment of German prisoners after World War II AND on the occasion of the publication of a new edition of Other Losses by James Bacque about those prisoners of war, a public meeting was held at 2:00 pm Monday October 31, 2011 in the Congressional and Monument Rooms of The Courtyard US Capitol Marriott Hotel, 1325 2d St. NE, Washington DC 20002. Tel 202 898 4000

    Merrit P Drucker (US army major, retired) has apologized to the German army for the deaths of German prisoners in US army camps after World War II. Following extensive private investigations in the US and Germany, Drucker has sent an e-mail to Lt. Col. Max Klaar (Bundeswehr retired) head of the Verband deutscher Soldaten (German Veterans’ Association) regretting the lethal conditions in the US camps where according to Col. Ernest F. Fisher of the US army (retired) some 750,000 Germans died because they were denied available food and shelter. By order of the American commander, General Dwight Eisenhower, German civilians were forbidden on pain of being shot to take food to the prisoners. Drucker has also formed a committee of six people, in Germany, the UK, Canada and the US to pursue further investigations and make amends. Drucker has posted on the German veterans’ website a questionnaire asking for details of prisoners� internment which has already elicited many grateful responses. Many Germans have written to Merrit Drucker to thank him for taking a heavy weight of grief and guilt off their minds. Max Klaar was flying over for the occasion to accept the formal letter of apology from Drucker on October 31st. In addition, Max Klaar presented a proposal for a peace treaty between the USA and Germany. It has 14 points.

    Other Losses, an Investigation into the mass deaths of German Prisoners of War in the hands of the French and the Americans after World War II by James Bacque, first published in 1989, became a world-wide best-seller, published in 13 countries, but has been suppressed in the US for 20 years. This edition, which contains much new information from the KGB archives in Moscow, was commissioned by Karl Siegler, the son of a former prisoner in a US army camp. Col. Dr. Ernest F. Fisher, formerly a senior historian of the U S Army Center for Military History, who supplied the eloquent foreword to Other Losses was also present. In that foreword he wrote, �Starting in April, 1945 the United States army and the French army casually annihilated about 1 million men, most of them in American camps.� The author spoke and two short films about postwar Germany were shown.

  19. some 750,000 Germans died because they were denied available food and shelter.

    Total crap.

  20. This is very sick! You might as well start up the next Reich and kill everything that s not Germany. Jews didn’t do it to you guys, you did it to your damn selves and still are. Lol. PATHETIC!!!

    • Why is it OK to have black pride, gay pride, Hispanic pride, Jewish pride, lesbian pride, etc…..

      but Germanic pride is “sick” and “pathetic”???

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  22. Absolutely written content, thanks for entropy. “Life is God’s novel. Let him write it.” by Isaac Bashevis Singer.

  23. Germany would have been much better off if they would have never let in foreigners, I. E., Jews or whomever, because their loyalty did not lie with Germany. Can we in the us learn an important lesson from this?

    • Greetings dear,
      Germans are making the same mistake again. They are issuing citizenships to jews like Kirsten Dunst. They keep on doing that and believe me they will collapse again. Jews are a race but not humans!

  24. In other words multiculturalism is a nation killer…. Which is what the tricksters planned all along. ( see above post first)

  25. Germany of all civilizations are the ones who have developed the most. I think americans have copied and better still stole all the german achievements and patented it and made it legally american This was done at the end of the second world war.

    Still I congragulate germany for resurrecting themselves, coming together in 1989 after being broken into East and West Germany at the end of the second world war. Now they are amongst the most vibrant economies of the world despite the euro crisis

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  39. The former Minolta Camera Company was originally called the Japanese-German Camera Company.
    [ REF: ]

  40. I thought I was an expert on Germanic history, culture, and contributions to America. This list is wunderbar!

  41. History likes to say that ketchup was created by the Chinese.

    Kinda like peanut butter was an African-American creation…

    • Yeah, in modern revisionist history poor stupid White people invented nothing. The west simply stole everything from peaceful, loving, gentle, minorities.

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  44. Being an acutely non-judgmental person–the writer of the article and the responders to its content are unalloyed and unvarnished buffoons! Such racism, such hatred spewed throughout the articles and comments. It is not that you are totally ignorant, you are simply nasty and evil! What I appreciated most about reading and reflecting upon all of your diatribes is how gentle and compassionate my friends, family and myself are! Ha–ended the last sentence with a verb simply to indicate that I am alive to the German language and culture and history!!!!!

  45. Umm,still German wouldn’t be number one. And as far as I know, they didn’t contribute anything to advanced technology in the 21st century!!!!

  46. I think you should study Robert Goddard, then revisit the statements dealing with the American space program. Much of the German rocket program was based on Goddard work. And while German science contributed to the American space program, to say it would never have happened is an extreme stretch. In fact everything related to the machinery that was involved in the actual landing was purely American. Von Braun’s ideas for the landing were beyond any ones ability and we’re straight out dismissed.

  47. boo

  48. Hello,

    I think you made a pretty impressive list of German achievements, but you mix it up too much with your personal anti-Jew sentiments? I`m sorry, but all the Jews in the Europe were hated from Middle Ages and this hatred towards them was for no apparent reason (except maybe that they cooperate a bit better than standard capitalist)?

  49. Why spread hateful ideas and opinions, when it does not matter, really, what ethnicity the people are? We live in 21st century, don`t you think, that globalisation and Internet made all these “ethnic” issues irrelevant? Or at least, they will be, in near future.

    I always admired, how many new ideas and top scientists came from or were educated in Germany. But you are mixing this admiration with some whining about “evil Jews” – perhaps they are equally vengeful, as some German people towards them during 3rd Reich? It`s not productive, good for nothing attitude.

    Get over it, people in this age of human civilization SHOULD cooperate on very pressing matters (energy, drinkable water, drug resistant germs, HIV pandemics, space exploration), but as you wanted to stress here, people should NOT forget about their past, but in my opinion, people should leave the past inequalities, feuds and hate, to die off, while remembering the bravery, ingenuity and persistence of our forefathers.

  50. Hi,
    First of all I have to say you are totally right in extolling the German people mostly on account of its way of living, sense of organisation, etc., and of course of all their incredible achievements (even though some data given above is not entirely accurate). You are even doubly right in behaving like this due to all the sufferings the German people had to go thru during and after WWII.
    BUT you seem to praise in the same time Adolf Hitler and his henchmen for what’s been accomplished in Germany during this infamous time period; all that, “without Jews” as you say in the very last sentence of this lengthy document. You therefore mustn’t know all the nazi top brass were also Jewish or maybe you don’t want to hear anything about that. Well, I don’t really have time here to expand on such a topic but just let me say that Germany could not win the war with such a man who was nothing but a Trojan horse, that is a man bent on destroying Germany from within, the same mission his daughter has been carrying out since 2005. Have you ever heard about this attempt to immure the Führer in a lunatic asylum in 1938 by his generals? Why so? Or maybe his generals were crazy?
    PS: Just give a look for instance on Leni Riefenstahl’s travels to the Nuba tribe in Sudan where she said t’was paradise. What importance did Nordic people really represent in her mind?

  51. There is by the way a prophecy from an Afrikaaner (died in 1926) saying things will change during WWIII when an unknown force, the German Secret Order, will put an end to the war with some fantastic craft (I guess Haunebu or Vril) after which Germany will become the first superpower in the world and will be respected by everyone.
    Personnally i’m looking forward to seeing this day…
    BUT I don’t think the staff belonging to this cryptic order let alone his great and hidden commander venerates Adolf Hitler who plunged Germany into the pit of Hell…
    And the same for his daughter Angela Merkel…

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