Stoic Philosophy: Epictetus Enchiridion (Video)

Epictetus was a Roman slave of Greek descent, he was a follower of Ceno and the stoic way of thought. Rather than seeking for “nothingness”, like in Buddhism and related schools of thought, Stoic philosophy is about gaining control over oneself and the understanding that some things are simply not in our control.

The Enchiridion is a good introduction to the stoic way of thought.

[livevideo id=8039B31A24904426948661DA08751666/stoic-philosophy-epictetus-e.aspx]

[livevideo id=F91A2F19522D4131BE2A83EB590FB7BF/stoic-philosophy-epictetus-en.aspx]

“What then is the fruit of these opinions? It is that which ought to he the most noble and the most becoming to those who are really educated, release from perturbation, release from fear, freedom. For in these matters we must not believe the many, who say that free persons only ought to be educated, but we should rather believe the philosophers, who say that the educated only are free.” — Epictetus, The Discourses (55-135a.d.)


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